Winning a College Sports Marketing Sales Assignment

College marketing majors will likely need to sell something for a course. Many individuals don’t enjoy sales because they’re ineffective at persuasion, dislike communicating with strangers, and/or are terrified at rejection.

I enrolled in a sports marketing course during the spring of 2009. One of the course’s objectives was selling discounted tickets for a professional sports organization. Our professor encouraged project participation as it was a superb opportunity to expand our network and generate communication skills.

I didn’t personally know any fans of the organization. I felt awkward cold-calling folks and attending random churches. Instead of meeting face-to-face with potentially uninterested people, I tried to expand my market potential by utilizing an advertising approach.

I emailed dozens of students about my goal of selling tickets, informing them that they could reply for more information and the ticket order form. I used the bulletin boards in the main building and where I took all of my classes. I completed a sales presentation to one large classroom of students. The main thing, however, was continuously posting advertisements on classified sites, ie Craigslist, in order to reach out to a larger mass. I was reaching out to more people who may have an interest in the specific team or sport when I posted in the sporting events section.

I concluded the assignment with the highest monetary sales, finishing just under $1,000 of total sales.

There were a couple things that prevented me from higher sales totals. Some of the prospects wanted specific seats, but I didn’t have access to which exact seats were available at that moment. I’d have to contact the account executive. I started telling customers no as I thought the executive could be getting weary of my constant contact. 
I went with a foolish and untrue notion and should have postponed such action until he requested I stop contacting him.

I also had no cellphone. After establishing contact with the interested party, I had to communicate through E-mail. Verbal communication would have increased my effectiveness as it made things simpler and quicker.

I was the only student who attempted these strategies. Think outside the norm, use some creativity, and see what happens when conducting a sales or marketing project.