Why You Should Switch from Plastic to Reusable Cloth Bags

Plastic bags are convenient, but they really are poisonous trash. Did you know that there are already seas of plastic in our oceans? Each time you buy from stores and take their plastic bags you are contributing to world pollution. It is not oil companies that our causing the pollution. You’re causing it by your indifference and lack of compassion for your own race (the human race) and all life on earth. It’s easy to use cloth bags.

All it takes is your own decision to buy a cloth bag for about a dollar and reuse it again and again. Just this simple decision will stop landfills and oceans being filled up by petroleum by-products (plastic) that will degrade in about 1,000 years. If you need to use a thin bag you can buy “bio-bags,” which are made out of eco-friendly substances and they break down quickly. Or just go to Sprouts and look for the eco-friendly kitchen items.

Do you use plastic bags? Do you use them at the market, at the shopping mall, or the drug store? Do you like oceans filled with islands full of plastic trash? Do you like killing thousands if not millions of wildlife and poisoning the human race, slowly with time? Are you prepared for a future that may entail mass extinction, and human sterility? Continue using plastic bags and you will surely bring this about.

You don’t have to use plastic bags at stores. You can buy cloth bags from any store and reuse them over and over again, forever; or until they break. It’s only our world for our children and future generations to come. If you don’t really care then be prepared for the bleak future that we will inherit- if we continue on this mindless path of waste. Have some incentive care about your planet, use cloth bags. You don’t’ need to be lazy. Cleaning up the earth doesn’t start with other people or governments or companies. It starts with each and every individual on the planet earth. It starts with you!