Ways to Live a Green Life

If you were to look up green living homes or as I did “green living domes” because my husband has always thought he would love to live in this manner, you will find pictures that would have you believe that you are in any typically built home. Windows, doors, decorations, it all looks pretty much the same on the inside but when it comes to the outside, that’s a whole different story.

Said to be a unique experience I feel that the idea takes a bit of getting used to when you have spent years growing up deciding what type of home you would like to live in and that did not include living in a dome.

With many factors to consider noise is top on the list. There is wind and rain, and in some areas concerns for tornadoes and more. Typically there is noise from traffic sources such as cars, motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles hauling oversized trailers and your everyday Semi’s. Living in a dome is said to be a really quiet experience where looking out the window would be the only way for you to know certain conditions existed.

Conventional homes typically have high gas and electric bills while living in a dome home there are no meters to read and your monthly bills are substantially lower due to the fact that your floors are heated by your hot water. What a great way to experience those cold winters without having to bundle up. A quick hop out of bed will find your bare feet warm and cozy just as they are.

Let’s face it, there are several things to consider but in today’s world the more green we can live the better it is for our planet and it does not take a rocket scientist to know that it is suffering in many ways. You don’t have to live in a dome home to do your part but even the simplest of things like separating your recyclables from you trash or can make a huge difference.

I don’t know if I will ever live in a dome home but I will go so far as to say that it is not out of the question and just might be the home of choice for my husband and me for our retirement years. Once he sells me on the idea he still if faced with where do we build it and that too takes a lot of consideration but hey, we have plenty of time to do so.