Ways to De-Stress Your Home Environment

Do you feel relaxed when you walk in the door, or does your house leave you even more uptight? Simple changes to your home environment could help you relax more.

Identify Instigators

Before you can de-stress your home, you need to identify the trouble spots. Is there too much clutter? Is the layout not functional? Is your to-do list too long? Figure out what makes you feel so stressed at home so you can start working to fix those areas.

Cut the Clutter

Clutter is often the cause of stress at home. I can’t relax when I have a pile of papers on my desk. Even if your extra “stuff” is in storage, knowing that it is there can cause stress. Go through one room at a time to get rid of the extra stuff that you no longer want or need. Donate it or sell it so it’s no longer in the way. You may feel lighter and less stressed.

Fix the Problems

Is there something wrong with your home that you keep ignoring? Instead of putting off your to-do list of small home repairs, tackle them now. You can finally cross them off the to-do list, which always feels great. Plus you won’t have those little nuisances around the house to bug you and cause you stress.

Add Relaxing Touches

You don’t need to completely remodel to make your home more relaxing. Simple changes or additions can make your home feel welcoming and relaxing. Choose some new throw pillows for the couch in a design you enjoy and a fabric that feels soft. Get an indoor water fountain so you can hear the relaxing sound of water trickling. Repaint harsh wall colors to more soothing colors, such as light blue or green. Add an area rug that feels soft and soothing to your feet.

Cut the Stress

Carving out a little piece of relaxation at home helps you escape the stresses of life. Focus on the little changes that will make a big impact on your attitude at home.