Truth in Advertising

As you probably can see in ads on TV or in print, advertisers can be dubious in their product ads and honestly I believe are bold face liers.


I’m sure the legal team working for ad agencies will beg to differ with me but I do have a little knowledge on the subject. Not much in the way of education on advertising or business management but in school one project I chose false advertising and did study the reality of the matter.

As with many ads like No match for a Camel an ad campaign in the ’70s or like Tide is the best selling laundry detergent. This was only legal because, Tide was placed in stores in a relatively small target area and priced at a steep discount over the competition. Thus they were able to sell more of their product for that time period. Now to me this seems like false advertising but is really not by creating that go around. This kind of action can be seen in many forms of advertising to this day.

I can list several examples by using the As seen on TV products we have been shouted to over the airwaves for how long 4 decades? I for one am tired of the infomercials. For the life of me I cannot understand why they are watched. Maybe it’s because there’s nothing on TV worth watching during many hours of a normal day.

Why a company needs to skirt the truth or make up test that shows a favorable result for their product. OK an example from an article I read while at the doctor, I searched and cannot find said article for linking to it. But the fact is laptop batteries never last as advertised. Stated in said article was the reason. A test used might show a battery lasted 6 hours. But in reality in the test the screen brightness was at 70% the processor at 7% and other limiting factors to reach the desired results for the advertisement.

What can be done about this action of making an ad truthful when it’s a bold face lie? Nothing, there is already a watchdog on advertising. Lawyers control about every aspect in lives. We elect them to run the government so we should expect to be lied to in advertising as well.