To You

To you
From Bill

You make my heart sing 
Just like a golden ring 
You have taken control of my soul 
Which makes me feel whole 
You have entered my life 
And relieved all of the strife 
It is as if seeming 
My life finally has meaning 
You will be my wife 
For the rest of my life 
And only you 
Will be who I give my love 
Just like a new pair of gloves 
There is not a mess 
This I confess 
For you are here 
Just for me my dear 
Our life will be new 
Like a bottle of glue 
You hold my heart 
And made your mark 
I am with you 
And only you 
Your face 
I can not wait to see 
For I know you belong to me 
I belong to you 
And that is who 
I will spend my days 
With only your gaze 
I will always be 
1.2.3. only with thee