The New NVIDIA GTX 590

Just visit any Graphics card website, and it will be right in sight. The new NVIDIA GTX 590, the fastest graphics card in the world. With 3 GB’s of Video RAM and Dual-GPU’s, it is one of the most powerful Graphics Card out there. But is it really worth the money?

The first thing that you should know about this card is the system requirements. First off, NVIDIA suggests a 700W PSU. Well, that is just going to kill some people. I mean really, I am going to bet right there that people won’t be able to run this card. The average Computer has a 220 Watt to 600 Watt PSU. Only a High-Performance PC or Gaming Desktop can provide this much electricity.

People also physically can’t handle this card. This card is a minimum of 11 Inches. That is actually a lot of space. Most cases wouldn’t have 11 inches of free space. In most of the demo videos that I have seen, people are actually running the Motherboard and Components¬†outside¬†of the case, because it is so large. You also should think about what you are buying.

Some people are thinking of buying the Dual-Card SLI pack from Nvidia. All I have to say is, you better know how to handle that power. If you don’t know how to take advantage of a GPU, don’t even buy a 500 Series card. I once saw an unboxing on YouTube, and the video was so bad. I mean, this guy just paid, what, $600.00 for a graphics card, and he doesn’t even know the name of it. I was actually horrified about this because it was so strange. This guy just had no idea what he had bought.

Now, onto the good points of this Graphics Card. This card features loads of Video memory, which will allow for a higher FPS. The higher the FPS, the better your games will look. For example, a Graphics Card that delivers 45 FPS will look less real than cards that deliver 120 FPS. More advanced Graphics card also feature Direct X 11. This allows for improved texturing on games and movies.

This graphics card also will heat your case up quite a bit. This card has Dual-GPU’s, which means that it is double the heat output of normal card. Be sure to have a case with good airflow if you buy this card.

So, overall, I think that this is one of the most powerful graphics cards on the planet, if you know how to handle the power. There isn’t really any point to this expensive graphics card if you won’t be able to harness the power of this card, I wouldn’t recommend it.