The Environment

None of you care do you? I thought not; in the big picture, so few of us do. You’re just afraid of change. You fear the unknown and all the “what-if’s” in life. You and your stupid, rich friends could start something if you actually tried, but you need someone to kick you in the back first, before you begin to help our situation.


Maybe you do see it. Maybe you see it and don’t care. Hell, it’s the next generation that has to pay for YOUR mistakes. You won’t be here to see it, so why care, right? Why don’t you just throw your children and grandchildren onto the train tracks, you ignorant moron.

Energy is a heated topic these days. Do you really want to waste time trying to figure out how to survive on oil, coal or nuclear power? Not only does it hurt the planet, but it is inevitable that we will run out of each of these eventually. Take a step back and look at the long run. The sun is the only thing that will last a long time, without polluting the environment. But no, let’s continue to have fights and wars over oil. It must be better that way.

Don’t believe in global warming? As if that matters… We obviously aren’t helping things with the thousands of factories polluting the air and water, and breaking holes in the ozone layer. Why don’t you do your part? Take five minutes out of your “oh so busy” day and research how you can help. Recycle. Use less plastic. Change your light bulbs at least, for god’s sakes.

Listen… relocating to a clean, fresh, new planet is not a possibility. We have yet to find one with supplies of air and water, and if we ever do, we will have no way of getting there. Not only is there not one available, but by the time we would try to, it would be too late. If we destroy our planet, we are dead. So wake up.