Developing an Effective Marketing Plan – Five Tips

Developing a marketing plan for your business requires time and effort. It is not something that can be done without concentration and proper preparation. Few business owners truly understand what they need to do in order to develop a marketing plan that will work.

Following are five simple steps that can help business owners develop effective plans that will work consistently over time. Taking the time to complete these steps can be the deciding factor between success and failure.

First, business owners need to set aside time dedicated solely to the task of marketing their business. Much like a budget, this plan will need to be attended to and monitored. Having set hours to work on marketing allows business owners the opportunity to work regularly on their marketing. Set aside five to ten hours a week for marketing and put it on the calendar. It is best to work in chunks of time such as two or three hours rather than scheduling an hour a day.

Second, business owners need to define their goals. Without goals there is no way to determine if marketing efforts are successful or not.

Third, decide on a budget. How much money is available to dedicate to marketing efforts will be a large factor in determining what can and cannot be done. Don’t worry if there are little to no funds available to support marketing efforts. The internet has created an environment where it is possible to advertise business products and services for free.

Fourth, business owners will research marketing activities that are specific to your industry and fit within the allocated budget. Developing an idea sheet along with approximate costs for each activity during the research process is a great way to keep track of your discoveries.

Fifth, develop a weekly marketing plan. The marketing plan should include marketing activities to be done as well as time to track the results of all marketing efforts. Tracking the results of your marketing efforts is critical to understanding which activities are successfully promoting your business and which ones are not working.…

Advertising Tips

1) Make your product look like it’s forbidden.


I saw a very interesting thing a few days ago while walking on the street. There was a new shop, that had a poster on a window. The poster said this: “No pictures!”. People were forbidden to take pictures of the place. In just 3 days, half of the town new about the new shop. Everyone took pictures, talked.

2) It’s an advantage if people talk about your product.

If people talk, it’s “people talking about the product” not “the product talking about the product”. It’s a lovely advantage. In no time, people will be talking about how great your product is. They will even exagerate it sometimes. It will really boost your sales and the costumers will be happy.

3) Make your advertisement simple and to the point.

If it’s a video ad, don’t put alot of text! Let’s say you need to do a 60 second ad. Just put a few pictures, a bit of text, and … talk! Sometimes talking about the product is better. 
If you have a text ad, then you need to make it in color. No black background and white text. Alot of colors and pictures. Less text.

4) Put the costumers needs before yours. 
Just say what advantage the costumer has if he buys your product. Show him how his life is without the product, and how it is with the product. Tell a story!…

Advertising Your Forum

Advertising your forum in the online community is a dirty trick that must be played very well in order to succeed. Where is the best place to find members for your forums? You are going to steal them from other forums that revolve around the same content area as your forum. Now, understand that no one likes a forum administrator that goes to other forums and steals members. It is highly frowned upon in the community and unless you are extremely smart about it, it will only take one day for you to be banned from these other forums.

Before we discuss what you should do to advertise, let’s talk about what you should not do. While running my own forum the one thing I could not stand is when a new member joined and sent private messages or emails to my members asking them to join their forum. This practice will get you banned just as quick as you signed up for the forum. The reason it is so annoying is that the members do not like it. They will turn you in to the administrator of the forum you are advertising on.

Do not private message or email members of other forum’s invitations. Every forum has a system of sending members private messages. Despite what you may believe this system was not set in place for you to spam their mailboxes. It annoys the members and could result in getting you banned. If you are banned from the site there is no way for you to get members from that site.


Do not make threads announcing your new forum unless you know for sure that it is allowed. Search the list of boards for one labeled ‘links’ or something similar to that. Usually under a Links board you will find an area for advertising your personal web site. If there is no such board for this, do not start a thread about your forum in a random board like general discussion. If they did not provide a specific place for you to advertise then most likely they do not want you to do it. If you are not sure it is always best to contact one of the administrators of the site and ask what you should do.

So, you now know the first set of rules that should keep you from being banned on most forums. Now, how do you go about advertising your forum?

Read the forum rules first. This will prevent you from being banned before you can do your sneaky work of getting a few members to come to your own forum. The tips that I am going to share with you only work if you are not breaking any of the forum rules.

Always post more on your forum than others. As a forum administrator it is okay to post at other forums, but it will only work if you post more at your own forum. If you make five posts on one forum, make at least ten posts on yours. Make sure your posts at the other forum are always informational and helpful to the members there. Spamming or posting just to post will not make them want to see what is going on at your forum. If they see you are helpful and then they see you are even more active at your own forum, they will be more likely to go there.

Before you even start posting on these other forums, make sure your profile is filled out correctly. On most member profiles there is a place where you can list your web site. Putting your website in that spot is a great way of advertising. Any member who views your profile will see your site. If they were interested enough in you to click on your profile, then they will probably want to see what your web site is about.

Your number one goal when visiting other forums is to make friends there. As I said before, all of your posts should be helpful. Also keep in mind that you want to be friendly. If someone starts talking to you through private messaging, ask if they would like …

My What a Green Life You Have!!

What is the one thing that everyone seems to be able to agree on these days? It would be better for our planet and human civilization if we all started to live a greener life. But you might be asking yourself: What exactly is a “greener” life? Or I understand it is better for the environment but is it going to be more expensive to live that way? Here are 5 ways that you can live a greener life style without breaking the bank!


Cloth diapering: Cloth diapering has gained a lot of popularity recently because of it’s abllity to reduce the amount of waste that is placed in dumps across the country. Some parents are for it, and some feel that it is more difficult and actually more of a strain on the pocket book, due to the high “start up costs”. I personally take a different view. My husband and I went round and round about cloth diapering and then, right before my son turned a year old, we decided to try it. I went on EBay and found a pack of 10 cloth diapers for 50.00, a month of disposables would cost me this much! I have to honestly say, it’s been working. Are there difficult parts, yes. But everything worth doing has something challenging!

Grow your own food: Growing your own food can be a fun adventure. Especially if you have children. It is also a “green idea” because it helps make the family more self sufficient and self sustaining, there by reducing the families carbon foot print. It may seem like it would cost a lot, but if you go to the grocery store you are going to spend about 3.99 for a pack of 3 green peppers, (more if they are not in season) if you grow your own, you are going to spend about 2.00 for a pack of 30 seeds which will produce a good number of peppers.

Turn off the lights when you leave a room: This one is very easy and will actually end up costing you considerably less in the long run. Even though I am trying to live a greener life style this has always been a hard one for me. I just can’t seem to remember, Until I taught my four year old! He has a blast going around the house and shutting off the lights! Sometimes before you leave a room!

Take a shorter shower: This is another area that I struggle with, as the mother of a 4 and a 1 year old when I am in the shower is often the only time that I have for some time to myself. I guess I am going to have to work on this one too.

Make your own laundry soap: This one sounds difficult and time consuming. Maybe even a little expensive if you are taking in to consideration all of the necessary ingredients. But I discovered that these items can be purchased quite cheaply on Amazon or EBay. As far as time constraints, it will most likely take you the same amount of time to make as it would to get in the car, run to the store, pick the soap you want, drive back home and put it in your washer. Just remember it is all about perspective!!

Living a greener life can definitely be a challenge, you have to do a lot of thinking, and in some cases there is cost involved. But hopefully with these tips you will be on your way to a more planet friendly life in no time!…

Green Grass

Today I’m going to talk about grass. Now for those of you who followed me here from other locations on the world wide web, you probably know I hate grass. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you to kill your lawn, even though if you did, you’d be much happier in the long run. My goal in life is to eliminate my entire lawn and replace it with flower beds. However along with being a landscape designer, I also did professional lawn care for several decades. So today I am going to give you some tips on how to have a beautiful lawn that requires little or no fertilizer.


First thing is to select a good type of grass. Now anyone who does lawn care for a living will tell you that the best grass to grow in most parts of the USA is “Turf Type Tall Fescue (TTTF)” This is available in any seed store and most hardware stores. It is usually sold by brand name but sometimes it is sold by the name of the hybrid. The Rebels is a good example of a hybrid of TTTF. If you don’t know what kind of grass you have because it came with the house, chances are it is TTTF. If you have Saint Agustin Grass all these tips apply, even the height recommendations. If you have Kentucky Blue grass the same thing. But let me talk about those two types of turf for a moment. Both Saint Augustine and Kentucky Blue grass can be cut shorter, Many people believe they have to be cut shorter or they wont grow as thick, but that is just not true. I’m not going to get into a long scientific explanation of why but just trust me okay, I know what I’m talking about. In fact I probably know a whole lot more than that guy working at the local chain hardware store. You need a little more fertilizer with Kentucky Blue grass (twice a year) but other than that it’s all the same. Lets start with the fact that it is spring and the grass probably needs a little help.

DO NOT FERTILIZE IT! Every year people go out and spend millions of dollars on fertilizer they don’t need. If you properly maintain your lawn (and I’m going to tell you how) You only need to fertilize it once a year in early fall. If you fertilize your lawn in the spring it can do damage to the roots and keep them from growing properly this will result in the lawn dieing in the summer. Basically what happens is you get this thick mat of roots at the surface of the soil and the deep roots get choked out, when the soil gets hot (in summer) the grass dies. If you feel morally obligated to waste your money on fertilizer, stay away from any that has the word “weed” in it. In other words don’t buy something called weed and feed or crab grass killer. If you lawn is thin in spots you can add some seed up until the middle of May in the North and up until the first week of May in the south. After that the grass wont grow long enough roots to survive the summer heat. It is best to do your reseeding in the beginning of September, but I know some of you didn’t do that, so get out there right away and spread some seed on those bare spots. By bare spots I mean places where there is no grass at all in an area bigger than ten inches across. If you just have a few tiny patches of dirt showing don’t worry, we are going to take care of that later.

Here is how you reseed your grass (it’s easy) First cut the grass pretty short, About ¾ of an inch to one inch high. Than rake lightly. The object of raking is not to clean up all the grass clippings, it is just to rough up the surface of the soil. A few (or even a lot) grass clippings aren’t going to keep the seed from growing. That crab grass killer will …