How to Live a Green Life: Four Books to Help You Get Started

As the call goes out for industries, businesses and the all important consumer to become more eco-conscious and live green lives you may find yourself wondering, “What Can I Do?”. In fact it’s a very good question I am surprised to hear more and more often from those interested in going green. If you did not have the advantage of say, growing up in a huge scouting family where the organization’s appreciation for nature and conservation practices trickled into everyday family life then you might need some help getting started.

Just changing a few ways we do things each year really does make a difference. Some of my friends start small, making a couple changes that do not fit into their everyday lives, and when they cannot directly see the results they stop. Other friends of mine have noticed big changes right away and gone completely fanatical annoying even me, a self proclaimed flower lover and occasional tree hugger. So, rather than starting your new green life by adopting a panda (which is admirable if this is your passion) or by installing a new roof entirely made from solar panels try changing fours to six ways you live and I guarantee you will notice the results while your new habits become second nature.

To help you decide what changes are right for you and your lifestyle check out some new great reads, all available from amazon, that offer more than the usual recycle/reuse story. A couple books offer new innovative ways to go green and clean up your act while others are full of inspiring stories to make this planet of ours cleaner, safer and better off.


Worldchanging: A User’s Guide To The 21st Century

At first glance I thought the only types that would enjoy this book were the fanatical friends of mine installing solar panels that I mentioned earlier. After thoroughly reading through the many sections of this book I have found that there are simple as well as huge ideas for helping you live a green life. In fact using this book you could design an entire house from the ground up using eco friendly materials in eco friendly ways. Along tith the more ambitious projects are simple everyday things we can do in our lives to help curb our impact on the planet.

365 Ways To Change The World: How to Make a Difference One Day at a Time

I like this book for the variety it has giving the reader tasks to do every day of the year allowing you to directly notice change or inspire you to create your own changes. Not every day calls for a new project or a change in the goods and services we use. There are days you simply meditate and others asking you to talk to others about a global crisis.

The Rough Guide to Shopping With a Conscience

The information presented in this book will change the way you as a consumer shop forever. At times thinking back on the way we have shopped in the past may lead to feelings of guilt, do not let it! Put that energy and thought into positive change that the author helps you achieve.

The Business of Changing the World

The stories offered in this read are not so much ways to change how you life but stories of how others have changed the lives of others or the world around them. This book describes big businesses at their best, detailing the ideas and actions taken by company leaders and employees. Some of the stories are truly inspirational and give you a new appreciation for the companies and the fundraising efforts they support.…

Affordable Family Fun at Green Meadows Petting Farm in Orlando, Florida

If you and your kids want to get up close and personal with some cute cuddly animals then Green Meadows Petting Farm in Orlando, Florida is where you want to go. Green Meadows Petting Fun offers affordable family fun for all ages. Here is everything you need to know about Green Meadows Petting Farm in Orlando, Florida.


Green Meadows Petting Farm is located at 1368 South Poinciana Boulevard in Kissimmee, just a short while from the Walt Disney World resort area. The farm offers tours continuously between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., and remains open until 5:30 p.m. every day of the week.

Green Meadows Petting Fun offers affordable family fun. Tickets for adults and children cost just $21 per person, and children under two years of age enter for free. Senior citizens pay a discounted rate of only $15, and Florida residents who show their state identification are admitted for $19. Individuals in groups of twenty people or more pay just $10 each. Be sure to check out their web site at for a money-saving coupon.

Green Meadows Petting Farm boasts more than three hundred farm animals that kids can see and pet. Their quaint country setting is relaxing for adults, and fun and educational for kids. They will pick up tidbits on animals such as cows, pigs, ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, goats, sheep and donkeys. Kids can take a pony ride and everyone gets to milk a cow. You will enjoy a tractor-drawn hay ride and an entertaining ride on the Green Meadows Express.

Kids will love Green Meadows Petting Farm’s two-hour guided tour. During those fun-filled two hours, your kids will get to learn and explore. Green Meadows Petting Farm is an ideal way to spend a day away from Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.

For adults, Green Meadows Petting Farm offers a little peace and quiet, and some cool shade trees. It’s definitely a chance to unwind from the stresses of Disney vacation. Even older kids will enjoy the experience and take away some fascinating little known information about farm animals.

So if you’re kids are growing up in the big city, don’t waste this opportunity to educate them a bit on farm life. Allow them to experience nature and get up close and personal with some of their favorite farm animals at Green Meadows Petting Farm in the Orlando, Florida area. For more information, visit their web site, or call them at (407) 846-0770. Enjoy the tour!…

Scent of Green


The trees whispering
thoughts and communicating
to the peaceful soul
God’s creation reaching out
Of beautiful translations untold
Whispering and plotting
To give, to share, to take
The wind blows
Leaves felling to make
Turning brown and gold
New life comes in Spring
As the branches shed the frost
For the scent of green.


Save Environment

Our surrounding i.e. plants, air, water and living beings make environment around us. These resources are invaluable to us. But by polluting and over using we are disturbing the balance of nature.


The world is facing the threat of Global Warming because of imbalance created by human beings.

There is a need to save environment by saying no to cutting down of trees; no to wastage of water and no to use of plastic bags etc.

We should encourage plantation of trees. Each and every child must be educated about the importance of all these resources in our life.

We should not waste water and should teach our children to use water economically.

We should save electricity by switching off lights and fans while leaving the room.

Promote using paper bags and cloth bags instead of plastic bags as the plastic bags are big cause of pollution.

We should keep our vehicles pollution checked.

By controlling air and water pollution and by economical use of our natural resources we can surely save our environment.…














Environmental Issues

Our world has many environmental issues. These issues impact the environment, and all other areas in which humans inhabit. Ecosystems all over the world are being devastated, causing a shift in the equilibrium of our wilderness and the atmosphere. Biodiversity in our worldly community of animals and humans is vastly being affected. They might not realize it but everything on earth is directly related. There are a handful of countries that are industrial societies, one of them being the United States. There is enough trash in a landfill to go to the moon, there are an astonishing amount of pollutants in the air that human society breaths, migration patterns of species are being affected by climate change and many species are on the verge of extinction. An interesting theory is the “chaos theory”. This theory suggests that ecosystems can be very sensitive to little changes in the environment. There is a lot of evidence to prove this true, and there should be a conservation policy that prevents much change to the developing ecosystems. The risk assessment is incredibly high this day in age where society has a lot to lose, but the human population needs to become more malleable, and bend with new policies to make the world better, and preserve what mother earth gave. There are very many environmental issues, all are related in one way or another to humans and how they treat they’re land.


The popularity of wood stoves has risen, and so has the deforestation process. When there are no forests in an area, like a field or pasture, the animals graze the land until there is no hope for the plants. This is the desertification process. Once the land is like a desert, it can be like an all year drought season. When the land is arid and dry it makes the top level of the soil horizon more prone to erosion. Marine life are least affected by desertification, obviously, but other habitats like wetlands can be. Habitat destruction is a major environmental issue. Once the trees and other plants have been withered away and destroyed, either by human cause or by natural causes such as leaching, the micronutrients can be killed. Life, any life at all, needs nutrients to survive; otherwise the life forms suffer from malnutrition. Once an area has become desert, it disrupts the food chain of the area, and can cause famine for a hunter-gatherer society. Cash crops could still be grown in the area, but only with some help. The crops would need some sort of irrigation system, like drip irrigation, which uses a tube to deliver small amounts of water to the roots of the plants. Other people would use the area for different purposes, such as government agencies dumping radioactive wastes on the land. This could be a limiting factor for the area to ever get life again.

The biomedical revolution has made a huge difference when it comes to how the environment can affect the human race. There hopefully will be no more cases of the bubonic plague thanks to this revolution. Other diseases that can be cause by environmental factors cannot be as easily cured like cancer, or lung diseases, such as emphysema, that are caused by the air pollution in the cities. As the human population grows the germ theory of disease grows and becomes an issue. If a pathogen was to come into contact with a popular artesian well or aquifer or if the pathogen was to be deep-well injected, or come into contact with a popularly eaten carnivore or autotroph, it can be spread to most of the human population. This is possible because the demand for food is high, an obvious fact since everyone needs to eat food to survive. The consumer(s) eats the contaminated product. Alpha particles found in contaminated food can affect the growth rate of a population, and cause a mass extinction. Today in 2010, safety is a huge part of our food production, as well as other manufacturing companies throughout the United States. There are many steps and procedures companies must go through to make sure food is not holding any bacteria, like filtration, distillation, and sterilization.

The …

Live the Green Life

While some people think that it is just too much of an effort to –think green and live green–the environment is
what will suffer and many animals are certain to become distinct. Playing a part in reducing the carbon fallout 
on the Planet Earth is a role that anyone and everyone can play, regardless of age or where they live.


Recycling- Newspapers

Sunday mornings are usually a time when the newspapers are read and poured over for all of the multiple 
advertisements they contain. They are read a section at a time usually with morning coffee, and then tossed 
aside. This can go on for almost an entire morning, depending on how many sections the Sunday Papers contain.

When finally they are finished being read many have a habit,(almost without thinking), of gathering them, 
section by section, and placing them in the trash. Stop! Save the earth by saving the newspapers and advertisement pages and using them instead to light the fireplace, outdoor grill, or place under the mulch in the garden.

Recycling-Torn or One of a Pair of Missing Socks

Socks are great to use for dusting. They work well when cleaning the blinds. Put your hand into one of the socks, place it on top of one of the slats, and dust both the upper and lower slat at the same time. For washing the slats dip your hand, with sock into a mixture of Baking Soda and water. Do the same thing to wash the blinds after being dusted. Use a dry sock to dry the blinds. Launder the socks and reuse them for another chore at another time.

Recycling-Old Cotton Tee Shirts

Torn Tee Shirts are great to use to wash the car. Take two buckets and fill one with water and the other with 
baking soda in water and a dry tee shirt. Use one to rinse the car, the other to wash and the third to dry. Tee 
shirts are reusable so instead of throwing them out clean them and hang them to dry and use again.

Produce-Fruits and Vegetables

Buy home grown produce whenever possible. Purchasing them from the local farms or growing them in 
back yards will keep our farmers recycling the soil. We will be assured of eating fresh produce minus all 
those chemicals being sprayed on them. Even those that do not have large gardens can plant tomatoes, small green onions, radishes or a variety of herbs (usually purchased) in boxes outside on the patio.

Cleaning Products

Buy and use Baking Soda and Vinegar in place of store bought disinfections and spray deodorants to help keep chemicals out of the atmosphere. Both are very inexpensive and clean most anything using little effort. Open a box of baking soda and keep it in each bathroom. It eliminates odors without using the spray cans that are tossed into the garbage instead of being recycled. Baking soda and vinegar poured weekly down the drains, will result in having them smell sweet and clean.

There are many ways to Save the Environment – some take more effort than others – but the above suggestions take little effort, time or expense and anyone can do it-as long as they are not hospitalized.…



The heart of the city
now holds my life,
and its beat
fills me with awe
at its beauty
and history.
But I worry.
I fear the day
that the city’s heart
will explode once more
from the enemy
that we have chased
for far too long.
I fear that its heart
will be crushed back down into ground,
and more life within it
will become lost.
I breathe when the city breathes.
My life is its heart,
and its heart
is my world.
I cannot bear the thought
of watching darkness
pierce its sword
back into a hole
that might have finally healed.
How can I save the beating heart
that surrounds me with a time
to remember
and a time
for its future?
Why would someone want to break it?
Why shatter it into pieces
to justify blind hate?
No, this heart beats still
and will continue to,
and all I can do is hope
and pray
that the city’s heart
will survive
and grow strong
through the life
that we give
into its eternal soul.

City (9/11 anniversary) 
by, Melissa R. Mendelson 
[email protected]/8/07…

God Is

I love literature. At one time, I wanted to teach literature. I wanted to be a poet, too. Then I noticed that there was a dearth of jobs for poet listed in the want ads. I might have been a professor of literature, however, had I not become addicted to teaching young children. It’s much easier to subvert young minds as opposed to those already set in their ways. One of the things I learned while in university about literature is that poetry doesn’t, and I repeat here, doesn’t mean whatever you want it to mean. The poet had something in mind when he or she wrote the poem. That’s what the poem means, not what it means to you. So, whether you are in Arizona or not, Shakespeare did NOT have coyotes in mind when he wrote about the “bark of the moon”. To believe that poems mean whatever you want is just intellectual laziness. The reader simply does not wish to do the work necessary to find out what, exactly, the poet is trying to say. The same can be said of any art form.

You may love a painting because it reminds you of certain memories, but it is nearly certain that the artist did not have your memories in mind while making that particular painting. Paintings mean something. So do photographs. So does music. I don’t begin to know what most paintings mean because I never studied art in school. I gained an appreciation of art from my parents who took us to the art museum regularly and had cheap supermarket prints of famous paintings all around the house (wherever the bookshelves weren’t), but I never learned how to interpret them. I know there are rules, rules of shape and perspective, light and dark, color, all of which help to decipher the message of the painting, but I don’t know them, and as such, would never claim to understand what a painting means. I know enough to know that the painting does not mean what I want it to mean. I don’t mind. I can enjoy things I don’t understand. I love women. I don’t claim to understand them.

All this brings me to the subject of God, as you might expect, it being Easter Sunday. This is going to get rough, so please forgive me. This is a blog about bullshit. But I am a little tired of atheists and agnostics throwing stones at religious people claiming that our beliefs are irrational and ridiculous in the light of twenty-first knowledge and science. Bill Mahar, whom I love and enjoy, mind you, as made a big deal of poking fun at religious people claiming that we believe in a magic guy who lives in the sky. Well, we don’t believe in a guy who lives in the sky, okay, Bill? We don’t think God lives in the sky. God lives in the space between the freaking atoms that make up your freaking body! So shut your freaking mouth, Bill, and God bless you. And moreover, Bill, Mormons don’t wear magic underwear. I am not a Mormon, and I certainly don’t believe in what the Mormon faith claims or even preaches, but I am rational enough to know that that “magic underwear” is a sign and symbol of Mormon faith and belief. So shut the hell up, Bill, and quit making fun of things you don’t understand. That is the sign of a fool.

There are, I will admit, plenty of things irrational about religious thought, no matter what the faith. That’s because people are irrational. Irrational beliefs are what happen when you arrive at your beliefs without rational thought. Certainly, religion is something of which most people have some kind of opinion. And opinions are good things. But opinions that are reached without some kind of logical, rational thought, are simply bullshit, plain and simple. Now you can have any opinion you want on any subject you want, but without some kind of logical reasoning, that opinion is just bullshit. You can claim that Shakespeare was talking about coyotes if you want, but then you better come forth with some evidence that Shakespeare knew something about …

Skip Hop Diaper Bags

If you don’t want polka dots or daisies printed on your diaper bag, you are not alone. The creators of Skip Hop agree with you – especially the fathers – and created a gender neutral and yet still functional diaper bag that has great features, colors, and styles. Featured in magazines from Real Simple to US Weekly, Skips Hop bags have won everyone from the pickiest style editors to Britney Spears.

With denim, corduroy, and canvas as fabrics, and solid neutrals like red, brown, blue, and black for colors (among some admittedly fun options like “Pink Camo” and orange), Skip Hop bags are suited for either mom or dad. They come in five different styles: three are messenger-bag variations, one a classic two-handled tote, and the fifth is a compact quick-changer, suited to tossing in a larger bag. The style of each bag is urban and sleek, not surprising given its New York City roots. Founders and new parents Ellen and Michael Diamant created Skip Hop in 2000 with their busy city lifestyle and urban sensibilities in mind.

Skip Hop bags are innovative when it comes to design. Each bag has a variety of pockets, meant for cell phones, keys, pens, and, of course, bottles. Each also comes with a washable changing pad. However, the best feature of Skip Hop bags is the stroller straps. While most any diaper bag can be hooked over stroller handles, Skip Hop designed small straps on each side of the zipper that clip on to make the bag hang flush to the stroller. This way, your diaper bag is neatly suspended from the handles and not swinging into your knees or thighs while you are pushing your child. Not using your stroller? Just snap the longer strap back on and you have a messenger bag or tote once again.

Other nice design elements include an expandable bag (the Expo model), as well as a key fob, and pockets that are either waterproof (for adult items) or mesh (for easy viewing). All fabric options – denim, corduroy, and canvas – are easy to clean and durable. Changing pad replacements and new straps can even be ordered online if lost in the shuffle (it’s doubtful either would wear out). The Skip Hop, while practical, is also utilitarian in appearance, which makes it not for everyone. It’s a great gift for a new dad or no-muss mom, but it’s also a far cry from a Vera Bradley print.

Go to for more details and pictures.…