To be

Or not

Is get

-ting caught

In webs

Of thought

An I’m

At such

A loss

It seems

That some

-One else

Is boss

Yet proof

Is not

In the

Right sauce

It lies

With those

Who say

They’re not

A hard

-ened heart

Or a

Cold part

And yet

To save

Their soul

From harm

They don’t

Turn down

My thoughts

Which weave

Like yarn

Yet break

Like thread

Nor do

They de

-ny my

Strange but

Strong ties

To all

Things fra

-gile and

Too wild

For I

Am not

From where

They are

But they

See this

As met


When it’s

Quite ve

-ry lit


The last

Or the



So let

Me just

Leave you

With this

You came

From your


I came

From a

Place called

A word

That is

Not in-