Oh How I


Once I belonged to me,
wandering aimlessly
oh how I thought I was free.
Blinded was I
careless, unwilling to believe.
Wasted time with fantasies
sinful and proud,
I stood my ground.
Lust and envy evoked within,
oh how I did not understand,
I was sin.
I looked upon others
judging and rude,
oh how I had so much to prove.
Now, I humble myself
bowing down to worship
the king of all kings.
I plea for his forgiveness
knowing he died,
to save me.
Through him I survive
I’ve given my life to serve,
sharing his love with those that I know.
Once I belonged to me,
oh how I did not know.
Now, I live for the lord of lords
walking day by day,
to glorify only him.
Shedding my sin,
truly, now I am free,
oh how I give thanks to thee.