How to Create an Eco Friendly Homeschooling Space

An eco friendly homeschooling space is not only great for the environment but there are other benefits as well. You will find that instead of tossing out stuff in the garbage you can reuse them right in your own home. You will be saving money, and lowering the amount of garbage that you, and your family create on a daily basis. The process itself is really very simple.


The first thing you will want to do is purchase several plastic bins. If you already have recycling bins than there is no need to purchase a bunch of bins. You will need one bin for the items that will be going out in the recyclable garbage that you can not use, and another been full of items that you can use. I have found it very useful to do a simple online search to find items that you can make out of recyclable goods. For example if you have a bulletin board in your homeschool area, you can use some of the recycled items to make nice boarders around the board. Plastic bottles can be used to hold school supplies like pencils, pens, and markers. Make up a list of things that you may be lacking in your homeschool area. Place this list on the refrigerator, or on the plastic container where the items will go. This way each time you have an item you can check it against your list. If it is something that you can use, you can save it, by leaving it in the bin. Even if you are not ready to create your items you can keep them their until you are ready to use them.

Another suggestion is to recycle the items that you currently use for your homeschool. For example if you have purchased several boxes of items, see if you can find ways to recycle the boxes, and use them for storage. When it comes to paper, you can make a scrap paper bin from recycled items. Place any paper where you may have only used one side, or part of the paper. Each time you have a scrap piece of paper you can put them into the scrap bin. This will cut down on the amount of money that you end up spending on paper, and notebooks. You can work with your kids, and help them make up a recycling list. List any items that can be recycled, or reused. There are plenty of green networks that you can look at, for tips and ideas on how to make your own recycled crafts and turn your home schooling space into eco friendly areas. Last but not least avoid using anything that can not be recycled in your home school.