Home Video Maker’s Guide: Marketing & Distribution

If you build it, he will come. – Field of Dreams


If you film it, we will watch. Of course to watch, we must know it exists. Perhaps the most vital part of your project, no matter the size or scope is marketing and distribution. You must make people aware of your film and then get it to them.

YouTube & AC

The web has changed the landscape of business and with multi-media entertainment it’s just getting started. The simple fact that you’re reading this article confirms the power of the Internet. There are so many media websites around, but the most popular by far is YouTube. Now Associated Content is also blazing a whole new exciting path of mixed media.

Recent moves by media giants like Viacom ordering YouTube to clear out clips or threatening to sue them for allowing copyrighted material to be posted has chilled them slightly, however it’s still the hot, happening place for filmmakers of all manner and ambition. Within a few hours after registering at YouTube, you can be up and running with your own space or even themed group. Even the flimsiest of flicks or even cell phone camera movies have become huge hits – the viral video flavor of the moment.

Associated Content allows content producers to not only write articles, but also to submit instructional and entertainment videos. With AC’s payment structure and high profile Internet status, you’ll not only get paid for your efforts, but that all important distribution and marketing factor will come off nicely. You’ll get a link to email anyone interested in your film.

Discs & Videos

Websites may be the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to get your work seen, but it’s not always the highest quality. In order to accommodate the vast numbers and file sizes of these digital delights, websites must compress your high-resolution images into FLASH and other formats. They look fine – mostly – however if your movie depends on lots of action, great sound or other visuals, you’ll need to distribute it on disc or video.

DVD burners are so affordable now, you can usually do it your own, however a more professional approach with animated menus and the like can be obtained through many local photo stores. Also, VHS may be just about obsolete, but it’s still a good idea to transfer anything important to a video format. You never know when it might be required, at least for a few more years to come.

Premiere & Screenings

You won’t need a red carpet or fancy auditorium to hold a premiere, but hey if you can swing it why not! A film premiere of your home brewed blockbuster can be as simple as invited the cast, crew, friends and over for pizza and chicken wings while your epic rolls on. Who knows who could show up as date? Maybe it will be a big film producer looking for the next homespun Peter Jackson or Quentin Tarantino. Additional screenings at more professional locations like auditoriums or even a local movie house, will get your name and your film out there even just locally.

It’s never been easier to make a film, but the legwork getting it seen still exists. The Internet has made it a lot more friendly and accessible, but you must use every available resource around to make your movie stand out from the ever-growing crowd.