Go On

Go on, after all this time, go on
Seek out what you wish to do

Make it apparent you’re gone

Flirt shamelessly with those women 
Drink your nights and days away

May your problems be lost in the 
Actions of you and those around you

Go on, with your friends 
Those who you turn on you in an instant

Keep the girl you left always waiting 
Keep her just within grasp

Take advantage of her open arms 
With a loving hug

Hug her and tell her to wait 
All while stabbing her in the back

Promise that girl everything 
But only keep those that are opportunistic for you

Go on, and make amends with her 
But careful not to amend your hearts

Go on, let her see the truth 
Let her see what you are 
What you have done to her

Go on, push her away 
Take up these other women 
Who are so easy to get close to 
Throw yourself into what you want

Go on, forget the girl who loved you 
Forget everything she did 
Everything she stood for 
Everything she wanted for you and her

Live life how you want to

Go on, see what happens 
See what these other women 
And you eventually come to 
See how far drinking 
Can make those problems seem 
See how far your friends 
Will stand by you faithfully

Go on, find something that 
Makes you happier 
Than that girl who gave you everything 
That girl who fell head over heels 
And stayed with open arms through it all

Go on, break her heart 
Use her until you have 
Nothing more to ask of her

Go on, think of yourself 
To the point you break her spirits 
Break her confidence in tru love

Go on, and push her away 
And after you have done all 
That you wanted to do 
And all those women 
That will eventually hurt you

Go on, and think of her 
Think of how much she 
Really did for you

Go on, and realize on day 
Realize just how special she was

Because she has gone on 
And found a man who already knows.