Go for the Green

If you want to go for the green
this year on Earth Day
there’s more to do
than just plant a tree.


Remember awareness 
starts with each one of us 
to do our part 
this year for Earth Day.

It is how we perceive 
our green actions today 
will affect the outcome 
of what will be 
to every lake, stream, and tree 
(our own well-being as well).

So go for the green 
this year on Earth Day 
by doing our part 
to aid our earth by going green 
helps us all in so many ways.

Here are a few green Earth Day tips 
to help you begin to go for the green: 
Walk today where you can, 
take in a lovely green earth scene.

Turn off the lights 
when you depart from a room 
and grab a filtered tap water 
in an aluminum mug to reuse.

Think Green 
before your day even starts. 
Conserve to preserve; 
use, don’t abuse.

Living green is a way 
we can all choose 
to have our say 
to ensure a green earth today.

Turn up the air 
and turn down the heat 
better yet, make it easy 
by installing a green thermostat.

Unplug an appliance 
when you are all through
Use water sparingly 
Make this your pledge 
and to the earth you will always be true.

And when doing your chores, 
there is even more you can do: 
When shopping 
take reusable green totes 
with you to the store.

Use green cleaning products 
to keep our water pure 
and wash in cold water 
to conserve even more.

Hang towels and sheets 
on the line out to dry, 
for a fresh air scent 
that money can’t buy; 
for nothing is better than 
fresh air scented sheets on your bed.

And to ensure the purity 
of our land and water sheds, 
donate unused items 
do not throw them away; 
recycle old cell phones 
and other electronics today.

Conserve to preserve; 
Use don’t abuse 
To go for the green 
Is really not hard 
These little green acts 
may even provide relief on your tax.

This Earth Day make it your resolve 
for children to come, go for the green 
and to them you will leave 
an Earth Day legacy.