Fuel for the Environment

Our planet is at the crossroads and wondering where to go from here. Which path our planet takes solely depend upon the choices we make. If you believe in fictional advocacies then our planet is already trying to wipe us out so that at least a few species will survive. With the increased number of natural disasters one has to wonder if that statement is true or not.


We surely need to realize that we are toxic for the earth and try to fix this problem. We all want to live but evidently nobody cares about death unless it comes knocking on ones doorstep. There are so many simple ways to save ourselves and yet disappointingly people are more interested and booze and sex. What has this world come to? Anyway, for all of those who are interested in living longer here are a few easy ways to cut your carbon footprint.

1. 1. Open the windows in daytime and let the natural light flow in or if you are building a new house make sure that there are more windows. This will reduce your dependency on artificial lights.

2. 2. Take a walk to the store or even ride a cycle. There are 2 advantages to this, it will keep you healthy and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint.

3. 3. Rainwater harvesting is easy and mostly every architect out there will know about this. You can use the water you have stored for gardening and even for taking a bath.

4. 4. Stop drinking bottled water. Have you ever wondered were there plastic bottle end up?

5. 5. Turnoff your computer when you are not using it. This will help your computer give you a better performance and also help save the planet.

6. 6. Try and buy solar energy charging points for your cell phones.

These are but a few ways to help preserve our planet natural environment. I hope you change your ways so that we can all enjoy this planet a little bit longer.