Environment-Friendly Tips on How to Do Your Laundry

Since the early 1980s, scientists had been vigilant and telling us that our daily activities greatly affect the environment. We have been very insensitive and hardly pay attention regarding this matter. As time goes by, more evidences are observed on climatic changes as a result of global warming. Starting in our own homes is the best and most effective way to preserve the environment. One best example of daily activities at home is doing the laundry. Here are some tips to do it in a nature-loving way.

1. Opt for a washer that is not expensive but has the best quality. Manufacturers prefer washers without agitators for they are not too expensive and are energy efficient. Consumers also prefer this kind of washer. This only requires less water and less power at the same time. In addition, these washers have faster spin cycles and dry the clothes at a short period of time.

2. Take time to evaluate how long the washer has been running. Do not let the washer run for too long. Do this at the shortest cycle based on how dirty your laundry is. In doing this, you are able to conserve energy.

3. Use detergents which are environment-friendly. You can do this by making your own. Materials can be found in your favorite stores or laundry shops. You do not have to worry because they are very cost effective compared to ready-to-use household detergents. To make your own detergent, add two cups of grated bar soap to a quart of boiling water. As soon as the soap melts, put it in a huge pail. Add two cups of borax and two cups of washing soda. Mix well. Lastly, add two gallons of water. After which, you are done. You can then decide whether to put an essential oil to the mixture when it has cooled.

4. Remove the stain with a stain remover. Stroppy stains can be removed by using things which can be found easily in the kitchen such as baking soda, vinegar and milk. You do not have to use harsh bleaches which are harmful to the environment. You can eventually hang your clothes under the sun. It is proven that the sun has natural bleaching effects and dries the clothes while keeping their natural colors.

These are just some effective ways in doing your laundry without causing damages to the environment and at the same time very cost efficient. Doing this maybe very tough at first but eventually you will realize its worth.