Eco-Friendly Style Items

Eco-friendly Style Items provide the opportunity to save that favorite sweater and recycle it into something else. Creative recycling has even produced some of the coolest jewelry pieces, totes, wallets, and purses. The whole concept of recycling items no longer used into something that can be used is all a part of the plan of saving the planet while making fashionable style items that appeal to people. The Eco-friendly Style Items to be reviewed are attractive, and unique while still being earth friendly.

A favorite of the Eco-friendly Style Items is the Crispina Scarves which are made from recycled sweaters. The warm and cozy woolen scarves are handmade from all reclaimed and recycled materials. They are all organic, chemical free, and most importantly are recyclable. Artisans from Massachusetts carefully select the recycled colors and fabrics and create beautiful renewable Crispina Scarves that are a comfortable six feet long. The retail price for these lovely Eco-friendly Style Items is $42.00.

Totes tend to wear out rather quickly because of wear and tear. The Eco-friendly Hemp and Felt Totes is fashionable, trendy, and provide the opportunity to give back to Mother Earth. The Eco-friendly Hemp Totes are great match for summer wear and is large enough to carry large beach gear, books, and more. The Eco-friendly Hemp Totes is also a great grocery bag due to its durability. The Hemp Tote is 16 x 28 x 2 inches including the handle and retails for $8.95.

The Eco-friendly Felt Tote is designed by San Francisco Designer Josh Jakus and is made from an industrial piece of felt turned into a unique designer bag. The Hobo styled bag is attractive and large enough to carry everything one might need. The earth friendly bag sports a zipper closure and is available in Blue, Gray and Green for approximately $115.00.

The next time you have a flat or blow out think about this Eco-friendly Recycled Inner Tube Tote. Though the name of the bag is “The Bentley” the earth friendly bag is actually made from none other than recycled inner tubes from truck tires. The well made black Inner Tube Tote makes a great attaché or computer bag. The retail cost for the Eco-friendly Tote is $134.00.

Out of all the cool and unique Eco-friendly Style Items, the all time favorite is the Vintage Bangles by Art Thang. Made from recycled and reclaimed material, the Eco-friendly Vintage Bangles are available in hues of Ivory, Black, Beige, Gray, Blue, and Yellow. Expect the most unique Bangle since no two are alike. The retail cost for the Eco-friendly Vintage Bangles is $14.99.

Buying Eco-friendly Style Items creates an awareness of the responsibility of periodically cleaning out one’s closet and discarding things to the appropriate centers for recycling. For more information on the above mentioned eco-friendly style items visit the Web site for Shop Blue House. Customer inquiries may also be made at 877-276-1180.