Easy to Be Green

Nowadays, everyone is aware of the need to go green and the steps we need take to reduce our environmental impact. Unfortunately, not many people are taking that step for whatever reason they may have, but the most popular reason is that it is too much work to live green. It is a huge misconception that it takes a lot to go green, in fact it is the complete opposite. Here are three simple steps to get you on the green track.


When you’re cleaning your driveway or porch, don’t use water to remove the dirt. Sweep! Yes, using your water hose is easier and faster to remove dirt and leaves, but remember you’re taking a green approach. Avoid the water hose as well when you’re cleaning your outdoor windows, use an eco-friendly window cleaner instead. If you’re cleaning your gutter, get up there and get dirty. Clean up the gutter with your hands and a scooper, it doesn’t hurt to get a little dirty. Only use your water hose to water your lawn, and don’t overdo it, watering your lawn once every 10 days is good enough. If your city does not have water restrictions, consider applying water restrictions to your home. We all need to reduce the amount of water we waste in a daily basis, plus reducing your water use reduced your water bill.


We all have things in our home that we just keep for no reason and don’t even use at all. To steer clear of becoming a hoarder, give away what you no longer use and you know someone else can use it for their home. Look around in each room of your home, collect items that you no longer use or don’t need and donate it to your local goodwill or charitable organization. Donate your gently used clothes, electronics, appliances, kitchenware, old cell phones, hardware, photo frames, and any item you no longer want. Someone else can benefit from the items that you have lying around in your home. You’re cleaning out your home and doing a worthy act of thoughtfulness.


If you don’t recycle, get started a.s.a.p.! Develop a small¬†recycling¬†station in your garage, backyard, or kitchen. Start by creating bins and label each bin for its purpose, aluminum, paper, plastics, and cardboards. Don’t throw away your ink cartridges and toners, Office Depot and Office Max offer recycling services for such items. Many of us use our garage for storage instead for its actual purpose of parking our cars, garages are a goldmine when looking for items to recycle. If you have used oil stored in containers and old batteries in your garage, recycle them. Many auto parts stores take in used oil, old batteries, used auto parts and some stores actually give you credit for those items. There’s several organizations and businesses such as Wirefly.com, Ecosquid.com and Yourenew.com that give you cash to recycle your old cell phones and electronics. Be less wasteful because it does pay to recycle.

Living green doesn’t take a major change to your life; in fact it gives you structure and organization. We can all benefit from using the three R’s, it saves you money, de-clutters your home and provides less wastes for our landfills. Be active in finding new ways to live green and spread the word.