DIY Rolling Library Trolley

Reading is a way for people, including children to escape into an imaginary world. A world they can become intertwined with. Pages and pages of books fill the lifes of those who love to enjoy a good book. Bookcases often take up too much space and can become a cluttered mess. These storage spaces for books are often too expensive to purchase.

A rolling library trolley is a simple project. This trolley allows books to be portable to any location. This trolley also allows clean up to be quick and easy. A project like this has the following materials, wheels, wooden crate and imagination. It doesn’t get any easier than that. The assembly of the rolling library trolley is very simple.

The first step is to purchase a wooden crate. These are available at any local hardware or craft stores. The price of the crate will depend on the place it is purchased. The price will also be determined by the size of the actual crate. It is best to find wooden crates that have handles on it. This allows the trolley to be carried when and if needed.

Personalization is the key to this project. This allows the creativity to sparkle and to come alive. The name of the child can be stenciled on the sides of the crate. This lets everyone know it belongs to someone. Paint is the easiest way to add personalization to any craft project. If a name or phrase is stenciled onto the rolling trolley, the background color should be different. This will help the name or phrase to stand out.

Wheels give the library trolley the mobility it needs to be transported from room to room. These can be purchased at any hardware store. They usually come with screws to attach them to bottom of the trolley. The wheels allow it to be pushed through room to room with little or no ease.

This rolling library trolley is a perfect project for children to participate in. It allows them to build something with their very owns as well as design something they can call their own. With this finished project, it helps children to stay neat and tidy with their books. It teaches them to clean up and stay organized.