Developing Trust in Your Blog Marketing Efforts

Blog Marketing can be further developed by integrating everything you do on your blog with Social Networking. Assuming that you have effectively developed all of the other techniques available when developing your blog this is the place to multiply your efforts. Making it possible for all your readers to easily bookmark and share your information is just one of the ways to do this.

Sites that allow ‘voting’ also give your blog and your products more exposure. Another way is to tie blog posts into sites like Facebook and Twitter. It can be part of your regular process with the┬áSocial Media┬ásites. Essentially with the right connections you can get a lot of mileage out of each post. Mileage equals exposure and the opportunity for them to trust you and buy from you.

Just make sure your blog and website is integrated together. In the beginning, all of the different parts of my Blog Marketing were like separate pieces. Once I matched the links, keywords, anchor text, images across my blog, my Social Media, and last but not least my website. This led the customer from one part to the next, from one product to the next, and one sale to the next. If you are in the Internet Marketing business you will want to make it obvious that you are involved across all those areas.

I wanted my blog to be part of an informative and enjoyable process to keep the reader on the blog as long as possible. Either that or I want to make it as easy as possible for them to go right on to making the sale. Even if you only have one or two products or services at this point it is going to reap long term benefits for your sales if you find even a small amount of time to work with your blog every day.

In part it is about trust. The reader is depending on you to grab their attention before they are even a regular reader. Ideally the content on your blog gives them something to think about long after they have left their computer. Even something to think about when they do sit down the next day at their computer.