Clean Your Home Using Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you have heard how chemicals are spoiling our health and our environment. These harmful chemicals are everywhere. Did you ever think that while you are cleaning the house, you are harming your health? Those wonderful cleaning agents that help us clean the house may not be helping us live a healthy life.

As we learn more about the chemicals in our lives, we become more concerned about the effects. We are hearing more stories about health related issues because of our polluted environment. More and more people are developing allergies and upper respiratory irritations. Asthma seems to be growing even in children. Doctors and medical people are telling their patients to look closely at their cleaning agents to see if they may be the cause. Have you thought about what you do with your cleaning products when you are finished with them? Well of course, you throw them done the sink. Well those harsh agents are not great for the water I’m sure.

Not only are we endangering our own health, but also the health of our environment. Keep in mind we are also talking about our home environment, and how that can become polluted. It is no doubt obvious that one way to combat this flood of harsh chemicals in our homes is to use less of them. The chemical agents used in cleaning products are a huge culprit. We need to learn how to replace these with friendlier, safer chemicals. There is no better time than now to seek out natural non-toxic products.


You will have an initial investment of some basic natural cleaning agents, spray bottles, sponges, mops, brushes, and rags. Most everything you need can easily be found in local hardware stores or variety stores. May I suggest to you that the cleaning products you use can easily be made from common, harmless ingredients. Below are a few samples of safe cleaning products.


Mix ½ cup borax (a natural mineral that kills mold and bacteria) with one gallon of hot water

Add a few sprigs of fresh thyme

Steep for 10 minutes, strain and cool

Store in a recycled plastic spray bottle

Floor cleaner

Mix 1 cup white vinegar with two gallons of hot water

For greasy floors, add ¼ cup washing soda and one tablespoon vegetable oil based soap to the above mixture

Window washing fluid

Mix one cup vinegar with 4 cups hot water

Oven cleaner

Make a paste of baking soda and hot water

Sponge onto stains and wipe clean

These are only a few of the many mixtures you can find at the resources below. Get the whole family involved. Not only can it be enjoyable, it could be a great learning experience for the kids. There are companies that sell perfectly safe cleaning products. If these homemade recipes aren’t for you, take the time to seek out safe and non-toxic cleaners in your area.