Clean Green

Cleaning our homes is a daily routine, if we’re being productive enough. A few times a month, the liquids and sprays are retrieved to get the dirty jobs done. Chemicals in conventional cleaners can potentially do more harm than good. Most are petroleum-based, need I say more. Phosphates present in detergent can seep into the ground, stealing oxygen from water. Conventional cleaning products also release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), diminishing your air quality.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates each household to have anywhere between 3-25 gallons of toxic materials, most being cleaners. Unfortunately, the common theory has been the harsher the chemical, the better its cleaning ability. It is simply not true. It is only a matter of science putting one nontoxic substance with another for a powerful, but healthier reaction.

Green cleaning products are often given a bad reputation, but I credit that to thrifty shoppers. I shop for sales too, but when it comes to cleaning products, if you buy the cheapest thing on the shelf, it is likely to be a lower quality clean. That applies to any cleaning products, eco-friendly or not. Here are some trustworthy green cleaning solutions.

BioShield is best known for paints but also manufactures top-quality cleaning supplies like dish detergent, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and a unique all-purpose vinegar-based cleaner.

Restore takes the extra step to green cleaning and are available at a myriad of stores. They even have a nontoxic toilet cleaner. Their products are plant based, made of corn, soy, orange, and coconut. What is unique is they have refill stations to reuse your bottle. Restore gives you a $1 coupon incentive each time you recycle your bottle by refilling.


Seventh Generation is probably the most popular green cleaning company. The cleaning supplies are biodegradable like most green cleaners. Seventh Generation offers recycled paper products as well like paper towels, paper plates, toilet paper, facial tissue, and napkins. They also manufacture chlorine-free baby wipes and feminine products.

Method makes uniquely shaped, decorative cleaning bottles. They are ideal if you do not have hidden storage. Method offers nontoxic, biodegradable all-purpose cleaners, dishwasher and laundry detergent, hand and body wash, and more. These cleaners were never tested on animals.

Soy Clean is exactly what it sounds like. Clean with soy-based products that are both nontoxic and biodegradable. They even make stronger formulas for tasks like stripping paint.

Sanitation is important, but so is the planet. You can still clean without damaging the earth with dozens of eco-friendly cleaning products that will usually let you know it is green on the label.