The heart of the city
now holds my life,
and its beat
fills me with awe
at its beauty
and history.
But I worry.
I fear the day
that the city’s heart
will explode once more
from the enemy
that we have chased
for far too long.
I fear that its heart
will be crushed back down into ground,
and more life within it
will become lost.
I breathe when the city breathes.
My life is its heart,
and its heart
is my world.
I cannot bear the thought
of watching darkness
pierce its sword
back into a hole
that might have finally healed.
How can I save the beating heart
that surrounds me with a time
to remember
and a time
for its future?
Why would someone want to break it?
Why shatter it into pieces
to justify blind hate?
No, this heart beats still
and will continue to,
and all I can do is hope
and pray
that the city’s heart
will survive
and grow strong
through the life
that we give
into its eternal soul.

City (9/11 anniversary) 
by, Melissa R. Mendelson 
[email protected]/8/07