The heart of the city
now holds my life,
and its beat
fills me with awe
at its beauty
and history.
But I worry.
I fear the day
that the city’s heart
will explode once more
from the enemy
that we have chased
for far too long.
I fear that its heart
will be crushed back down into ground,
and more life within it
will become lost.
I breathe when the city breathes.
My life is its heart,
and its heart
is my world.
I cannot bear the thought
of watching darkness
pierce its sword
back into a hole
that might have finally healed.
How can I save the beating heart
that surrounds me with a time
to remember
and a time
for its future?
Why would someone want to break it?
Why shatter it into pieces
to justify blind hate?
No, this heart beats still
and will continue to,
and all I can do is hope
and pray
that the city’s heart
will survive
and grow strong
through the life
that we give
into its eternal soul.

City (9/11 anniversary) 
by, Melissa R. Mendelson 
[email protected]/8/07…

God Is

I love literature. At one time, I wanted to teach literature. I wanted to be a poet, too. Then I noticed that there was a dearth of jobs for poet listed in the want ads. I might have been a professor of literature, however, had I not become addicted to teaching young children. It’s much easier to subvert young minds as opposed to those already set in their ways. One of the things I learned while in university about literature is that poetry doesn’t, and I repeat here, doesn’t mean whatever you want it to mean. The poet had something in mind when he or she wrote the poem. That’s what the poem means, not what it means to you. So, whether you are in Arizona or not, Shakespeare did NOT have coyotes in mind when he wrote about the “bark of the moon”. To believe that poems mean whatever you want is just intellectual laziness. The reader simply does not wish to do the work necessary to find out what, exactly, the poet is trying to say. The same can be said of any art form.

You may love a painting because it reminds you of certain memories, but it is nearly certain that the artist did not have your memories in mind while making that particular painting. Paintings mean something. So do photographs. So does music. I don’t begin to know what most paintings mean because I never studied art in school. I gained an appreciation of art from my parents who took us to the art museum regularly and had cheap supermarket prints of famous paintings all around the house (wherever the bookshelves weren’t), but I never learned how to interpret them. I know there are rules, rules of shape and perspective, light and dark, color, all of which help to decipher the message of the painting, but I don’t know them, and as such, would never claim to understand what a painting means. I know enough to know that the painting does not mean what I want it to mean. I don’t mind. I can enjoy things I don’t understand. I love women. I don’t claim to understand them.

All this brings me to the subject of God, as you might expect, it being Easter Sunday. This is going to get rough, so please forgive me. This is a blog about bullshit. But I am a little tired of atheists and agnostics throwing stones at religious people claiming that our beliefs are irrational and ridiculous in the light of twenty-first knowledge and science. Bill Mahar, whom I love and enjoy, mind you, as made a big deal of poking fun at religious people claiming that we believe in a magic guy who lives in the sky. Well, we don’t believe in a guy who lives in the sky, okay, Bill? We don’t think God lives in the sky. God lives in the space between the freaking atoms that make up your freaking body! So shut your freaking mouth, Bill, and God bless you. And moreover, Bill, Mormons don’t wear magic underwear. I am not a Mormon, and I certainly don’t believe in what the Mormon faith claims or even preaches, but I am rational enough to know that that “magic underwear” is a sign and symbol of Mormon faith and belief. So shut the hell up, Bill, and quit making fun of things you don’t understand. That is the sign of a fool.

There are, I will admit, plenty of things irrational about religious thought, no matter what the faith. That’s because people are irrational. Irrational beliefs are what happen when you arrive at your beliefs without rational thought. Certainly, religion is something of which most people have some kind of opinion. And opinions are good things. But opinions that are reached without some kind of logical, rational thought, are simply bullshit, plain and simple. Now you can have any opinion you want on any subject you want, but without some kind of logical reasoning, that opinion is just bullshit. You can claim that Shakespeare was talking about coyotes if you want, but then you better come forth with some evidence that Shakespeare knew something about …

Skip Hop Diaper Bags

If you don’t want polka dots or daisies printed on your diaper bag, you are not alone. The creators of Skip Hop agree with you – especially the fathers – and created a gender neutral and yet still functional diaper bag that has great features, colors, and styles. Featured in magazines from Real Simple to US Weekly, Skips Hop bags have won everyone from the pickiest style editors to Britney Spears.

With denim, corduroy, and canvas as fabrics, and solid neutrals like red, brown, blue, and black for colors (among some admittedly fun options like “Pink Camo” and orange), Skip Hop bags are suited for either mom or dad. They come in five different styles: three are messenger-bag variations, one a classic two-handled tote, and the fifth is a compact quick-changer, suited to tossing in a larger bag. The style of each bag is urban and sleek, not surprising given its New York City roots. Founders and new parents Ellen and Michael Diamant created Skip Hop in 2000 with their busy city lifestyle and urban sensibilities in mind.

Skip Hop bags are innovative when it comes to design. Each bag has a variety of pockets, meant for cell phones, keys, pens, and, of course, bottles. Each also comes with a washable changing pad. However, the best feature of Skip Hop bags is the stroller straps. While most any diaper bag can be hooked over stroller handles, Skip Hop designed small straps on each side of the zipper that clip on to make the bag hang flush to the stroller. This way, your diaper bag is neatly suspended from the handles and not swinging into your knees or thighs while you are pushing your child. Not using your stroller? Just snap the longer strap back on and you have a messenger bag or tote once again.

Other nice design elements include an expandable bag (the Expo model), as well as a key fob, and pockets that are either waterproof (for adult items) or mesh (for easy viewing). All fabric options – denim, corduroy, and canvas – are easy to clean and durable. Changing pad replacements and new straps can even be ordered online if lost in the shuffle (it’s doubtful either would wear out). The Skip Hop, while practical, is also utilitarian in appearance, which makes it not for everyone. It’s a great gift for a new dad or no-muss mom, but it’s also a far cry from a Vera Bradley print.

Go to skiphop.com for more details and pictures.…

The New NVIDIA GTX 590

Just visit any Graphics card website, and it will be right in sight. The new NVIDIA GTX 590, the fastest graphics card in the world. With 3 GB’s of Video RAM and Dual-GPU’s, it is one of the most powerful Graphics Card out there. But is it really worth the money?

The first thing that you should know about this card is the system requirements. First off, NVIDIA suggests a 700W PSU. Well, that is just going to kill some people. I mean really, I am going to bet right there that people won’t be able to run this card. The average Computer has a 220 Watt to 600 Watt PSU. Only a High-Performance PC or Gaming Desktop can provide this much electricity.

People also physically can’t handle this card. This card is a minimum of 11 Inches. That is actually a lot of space. Most cases wouldn’t have 11 inches of free space. In most of the demo videos that I have seen, people are actually running the Motherboard and Components outside of the case, because it is so large. You also should think about what you are buying.

Some people are thinking of buying the Dual-Card SLI pack from Nvidia. All I have to say is, you better know how to handle that power. If you don’t know how to take advantage of a GPU, don’t even buy a 500 Series card. I once saw an unboxing on YouTube, and the video was so bad. I mean, this guy just paid, what, $600.00 for a graphics card, and he doesn’t even know the name of it. I was actually horrified about this because it was so strange. This guy just had no idea what he had bought.

Now, onto the good points of this Graphics Card. This card features loads of Video memory, which will allow for a higher FPS. The higher the FPS, the better your games will look. For example, a Graphics Card that delivers 45 FPS will look less real than cards that deliver 120 FPS. More advanced Graphics card also feature Direct X 11. This allows for improved texturing on games and movies.

This graphics card also will heat your case up quite a bit. This card has Dual-GPU’s, which means that it is double the heat output of normal card. Be sure to have a case with good airflow if you buy this card.

So, overall, I think that this is one of the most powerful graphics cards on the planet, if you know how to handle the power. There isn’t really any point to this expensive graphics card if you won’t be able to harness the power of this card, I wouldn’t recommend it.…


After three calendars were replaced,

Mist still touched our eyes at night

Before we drift off to sleep,

As the soft music lull us

Missing the snore he emits as he doze off

Missing the steady sound of his breathing

As he hush into deep slumber,

Missing him.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Organic and Nature All-Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Dish Liquid and More

Eco-friendly cleaning products play a very important role in family and everyday life. The safer the products used in and around your family members, the safer they are in terms of health. By using available eco-friendly cleaning products and the many easy to use natural products available, consumers not only do their part in sustainable living, but also contribute to the well being of those around them. No matter which eco-friendly cleaning products you may use, you are doing your part towards living Green.


There are a wide selection of eco-friendly cleaning products designed to meet the everyday needs of the homemaker from furniture wax to glass cleaners and more. All-purpose cleaners are a bit part of daily life and therefore eco-friendly all purpose cleaners are one of the more popular eco-friendly cleaning products. The Organic and Nature All-Purpose Cleaner is available in either lavender, grapefruit, or unscented. Made from natural essential oils, the cleaner is pleasant and non-toxic while still having the ability for durable cleaning efficiently and effectively. The plant based eco-friendly product is safe to se around children and pets while still getting the job done. The Organic and nature All-Purpose Cleaner retails for $8.99 for 16 fluid ounces.

Finding an eco-friendly bathroom product is particularly difficult for such a tough area. The Organic and Nature Bathroom Cleaner is available in a fresh grapefruit scent with ingredients such as tangerine oil, essential oil blends, lemon oil, grapefruit oil, and orange oil. The eco-friendly product has the ability to remove scum, grease, and tough dirt and grime without having phosphates and other harsh ingredients. Available in grapefruit, lavender, or unscented, the Organic and Nature Bathroom Cleaner retails for $8.99 for 16 fluid ounces.

All households need a basic all purpose dish liquid for miscellaneous clean ups. Organic and Nature Dish Liquid is an eco-friendly cleaning product which is a great choice for all purpose household clean ups. Available in either grapefruit or unscented, the eco-friendly all natural dish liquid has the ability to remove grease and grime, while still being gentle to sensitive skins. This eco-friendly product is made from all natural ingredients such as organic aloe vera gel, natural spring water, and natural surfactants, the 16 fluid ounce eco-friendly Organic and Nature Dish Liquid retails for $8.99.

The Organic and Nature product line offers many other eco-friendly products for the household including; floor cleaner, hand soap, air freshener, plant boost, stain remover, window cleaner and more. For more information on the eco-friendly cleaning products reviewed above, visit the Web site for Shop Blue House, or call 877-276-1180.…

To You

To you
From Bill

You make my heart sing 
Just like a golden ring 
You have taken control of my soul 
Which makes me feel whole 
You have entered my life 
And relieved all of the strife 
It is as if seeming 
My life finally has meaning 
You will be my wife 
For the rest of my life 
And only you 
Will be who I give my love 
Just like a new pair of gloves 
There is not a mess 
This I confess 
For you are here 
Just for me my dear 
Our life will be new 
Like a bottle of glue 
You hold my heart 
And made your mark 
I am with you 
And only you 
Your face 
I can not wait to see 
For I know you belong to me 
I belong to you 
And that is who 
I will spend my days 
With only your gaze 
I will always be 
1.2.3. only with thee…



In the art on canvas I know not the mind of the maker.
For the art displayed is just a small bit of what in the mind was laid.
In the maker of fools I know not the slander.
For I do not listen to such a philanderer.
In the smack on the face it is not God I slander.
All I ask is, “Why?”
What can I do to cast this all in?
I know not of my maker slandering and mocking fools.
May God not know you until you share with Him.
He will transcend you beyond physical rules.
Surpass the body to see splendor take over thee.
Let it all honor Him.
The bliss of a new reality will be heaven sent.
For love is the almighty way.
For love for you I do earnestly pray.…

DIY Rolling Library Trolley

Reading is a way for people, including children to escape into an imaginary world. A world they can become intertwined with. Pages and pages of books fill the lifes of those who love to enjoy a good book. Bookcases often take up too much space and can become a cluttered mess. These storage spaces for books are often too expensive to purchase.

A rolling library trolley is a simple project. This trolley allows books to be portable to any location. This trolley also allows clean up to be quick and easy. A project like this has the following materials, wheels, wooden crate and imagination. It doesn’t get any easier than that. The assembly of the rolling library trolley is very simple.

The first step is to purchase a wooden crate. These are available at any local hardware or craft stores. The price of the crate will depend on the place it is purchased. The price will also be determined by the size of the actual crate. It is best to find wooden crates that have handles on it. This allows the trolley to be carried when and if needed.

Personalization is the key to this project. This allows the creativity to sparkle and to come alive. The name of the child can be stenciled on the sides of the crate. This lets everyone know it belongs to someone. Paint is the easiest way to add personalization to any craft project. If a name or phrase is stenciled onto the rolling trolley, the background color should be different. This will help the name or phrase to stand out.

Wheels give the library trolley the mobility it needs to be transported from room to room. These can be purchased at any hardware store. They usually come with screws to attach them to bottom of the trolley. The wheels allow it to be pushed through room to room with little or no ease.

This rolling library trolley is a perfect project for children to participate in. It allows them to build something with their very owns as well as design something they can call their own. With this finished project, it helps children to stay neat and tidy with their books. It teaches them to clean up and stay organized.…