Green Newspaper Boxes

I got my first job working with my grandpa on his newspaper route. It was ten dollars a day if one could last through the whole five hours which to me then was a good sum since I planned on working all summer when I first started. , I really didn’t know much my grandpa at all, only what I had heard about him from my family, and he really didn’t know much about me either. It was an awkward first couple of hours afterwe got past the conversation of us both being fine and that it was chilly thatmorning, but we quickly learned that it takes communication between the driver and the folder to make it work.

Some customers are really picky and particular about what conditiontheir paper is in and how they find it on their lawn or in their box, and beingnew I didn’t know who was who yet. I just quarter folded the papers, stuck a rubber band around it, and threw it down by my feet to be used later because I learned that you can’t wait for each box to fold the paper, and Grandpa would do the things that that the customer liked after few days I caught on what to do and where, but we still didn’t talk much. During the week our hours were from 10am to 3pm or later, it depended on how quick the press printed that morning,but on Saturdays anywhere from 2am – 8am were our hours. Trust me it’s a lot different in the dark! We messed a lot of boxes and he’d back up whichgot me confused on when to do the specialty papers not to mention I wasfalling asleep while I folded because it got so monotonous. The first time I fell asleep at a box, Grandpa just smiled and tapped my shoulder so I could put the paper in the box. He then asked me the first real conversation-starting question we’d ever shared, “Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?”

Of course I answered no, knowing that this wasn’t what he wanted either. He then asked me what I wanted to do, and being in eighth grade going into ninth, I didn’t have a clue. At that time I was still just an ornery kid having fun with no real plan for the future, and school was the last thing on my mind. He knew all of that since he’d talked to my mom and saw me with my cousins, but he decided he wanted to help me understand the world that would be before my feet in four years. We talked about everything from finances, school, college, marriage, children, and even about the uncle I never met because he died before I was ever thought of. He taught me that life is no bed of roses like I once believed and he opened my eyes to what I had to do.

That next school year, I worked harder on my studies than I ever had in my life and earned straight almost perfect A’s, and I was only able to go on the paper route with him on Saturdays, but I enjoyed our time we shared. One time I was doing my homework until ten on a Friday night and only slept for four hours. Grandpa noticed what I was doing, and I’ll never forget what he said to me, “You can work your whole life away if you’re not careful. Sometimes you get what you work for, but it’s the little things in life that bring us happiness; don’t miss those little things by working too much. Work hard but have fun.” After seeing my report cards, my mom kept asking my grandpa what he did to get me to work so hard. He just looked at me, smiled, and said, “I didn’t do anything; she did it all.” He changed my life and I have everything to thank him for, but he insists that all I have to do to thank him is keep working hard and being happy. He made me the person I am today and I have to smile every time I …

Use the Library to Promote Your Business

A great way to build your business is through community outreach. Your local library can be a wonderful place to reach out and meet new potential customers. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


If your business is family-oriented or of any interest to children consider visiting the children’s department for story-time. You can read a children’s book that relates to your occupation, talk about your job, even perform a short demonstration. Kids love to hear about jobs in the real world and learn new things. And of course, all kids come with a parent. Show them that you are family-friendly while introducing them to your product or service.

Ask the librarian if you could donate books, videos or dvds that relate to your business. Furthermore, ask if they would consider placing a book plate inside the item that mentions your business, ie “donated by Shelly’s Dance Studio”. If you take some time to think about what books and movies your customers would be interested in, this can be a great way to get your name in front of them.

Often times libraries will have glass display cases in the lobby. Find out if there is any way you could create or sponsor a collection. Even if you don’t personally own a collection, you may be able to borrow or rent from a friend, using your business as the sponsor.

Giving a free lecture, demonstration or class through the library is an easy way to reach customers but will involve a little more planning on your part. The best part about the free class is the advertising that the library can provide on your behalf. Often times they have newsletters, websites, or regular listings in local newspapers. Even if a customer doesn’t sign up for the free class, they will have read your name.

If you’re looking for a unique way to get your printed name in front of potential customers, consider printing up some bookmarks. Talk to the librarian and find out what their policy is first, before you have the bookmarks printed. You could put together a suggested ready list that relates to your business, or simply encourage reading. Either way, having a basketful of bookmarks at the counter is a way you can get your name out.

And finally, most libraries are always looking for help with fundraising. Talk to the librarian and find out if there is a service you could offer with the funds going directly to the library. You won’t make any money off your service, but you’ll be helping to support the library and improving your image in the community. If you are a product-oriented business, ask if the library would be interested in raffling off one of your products as a fundraiser, or if you could donate items to an auction or tag sale.…

Advertising Tips

1) Make your product look like it’s forbidden.


I saw a very interesting thing a few days ago while walking on the street. There was a new shop, that had a poster on a window. The poster said this: “No pictures!”. People were forbidden to take pictures of the place. In just 3 days, half of the town new about the new shop. Everyone took pictures, talked.

2) It’s an advantage if people talk about your product.

If people talk, it’s “people talking about the product” not “the product talking about the product”. It’s a lovely advantage. In no time, people will be talking about how great your product is. They will even exagerate it sometimes. It will really boost your sales and the costumers will be happy.

3) Make your advertisement simple and to the point.

If it’s a video ad, don’t put alot of text! Let’s say you need to do a 60 second ad. Just put a few pictures, a bit of text, and … talk! Sometimes talking about the product is better. 
If you have a text ad, then you need to make it in color. No black background and white text. Alot of colors and pictures. Less text.

4) Put the costumers needs before yours. 
Just say what advantage the costumer has if he buys your product. Show him how his life is without the product, and how it is with the product. Tell a story!…

Advertising Your Forum

Advertising your forum in the online community is a dirty trick that must be played very well in order to succeed. Where is the best place to find members for your forums? You are going to steal them from other forums that revolve around the same content area as your forum. Now, understand that no one likes a forum administrator that goes to other forums and steals members. It is highly frowned upon in the community and unless you are extremely smart about it, it will only take one day for you to be banned from these other forums.

Before we discuss what you should do to advertise, let’s talk about what you should not do. While running my own forum the one thing I could not stand is when a new member joined and sent private messages or emails to my members asking them to join their forum. This practice will get you banned just as quick as you signed up for the forum. The reason it is so annoying is that the members do not like it. They will turn you in to the administrator of the forum you are advertising on.

Do not private message or email members of other forum’s invitations. Every forum has a system of sending members private messages. Despite what you may believe this system was not set in place for you to spam their mailboxes. It annoys the members and could result in getting you banned. If you are banned from the site there is no way for you to get members from that site.


Do not make threads announcing your new forum unless you know for sure that it is allowed. Search the list of boards for one labeled ‘links’ or something similar to that. Usually under a Links board you will find an area for advertising your personal web site. If there is no such board for this, do not start a thread about your forum in a random board like general discussion. If they did not provide a specific place for you to advertise then most likely they do not want you to do it. If you are not sure it is always best to contact one of the administrators of the site and ask what you should do.

So, you now know the first set of rules that should keep you from being banned on most forums. Now, how do you go about advertising your forum?

Read the forum rules first. This will prevent you from being banned before you can do your sneaky work of getting a few members to come to your own forum. The tips that I am going to share with you only work if you are not breaking any of the forum rules.

Always post more on your forum than others. As a forum administrator it is okay to post at other forums, but it will only work if you post more at your own forum. If you make five posts on one forum, make at least ten posts on yours. Make sure your posts at the other forum are always informational and helpful to the members there. Spamming or posting just to post will not make them want to see what is going on at your forum. If they see you are helpful and then they see you are even more active at your own forum, they will be more likely to go there.

Before you even start posting on these other forums, make sure your profile is filled out correctly. On most member profiles there is a place where you can list your web site. Putting your website in that spot is a great way of advertising. Any member who views your profile will see your site. If they were interested enough in you to click on your profile, then they will probably want to see what your web site is about.

Your number one goal when visiting other forums is to make friends there. As I said before, all of your posts should be helpful. Also keep in mind that you want to be friendly. If someone starts talking to you through private messaging, ask if they would like …