Advertising Text Placement Vital to Outcome of Advertisement Campaign

Advertising your company’s services or products can be challenging in today’s advertising environment. This is especially true when considering the variety of mediums by which you message can reach your potential consumers and clients. If you are starting your own business, it is important to consider every aspect of your advertising and marketing campaign.

One area business owners often fail to consider is the issue of verbal placement of advertising. While many advertising and marketing agencies offer great solutions for visual placement of advertising, the use of verbal placement is also equally as important. In fact, using text as part of your advertising and marketing campaign is just as important as visual but, when combined, this provides a great impact to your revenue and gives more value for your advertising and marketing dollars.

So, where do you place your text advertisement? That is a very good question. With the expansion in video and Internet, many companies are turning to product placement, using text advertisement in these forums. In addition, however, gaming programs have become another great way to promote your products with text advertising.

When considering gaming as a way in which to promote the text advertisement of your products, you can approach this form of advertising in one of two ways. The first approach may involve the development of your own simple on-line game, linked to your company website, which is designed to attract a specific demographic of customers. An example may be found in the various on-line games designed for teenagers that link back to a product that is predominantly purchased by and for teenagers.

Beyond developing your own on-line game, it is also possible to build your company text advertisement into the on-line games of other companies. By contacting their media, website development, or advertising company, you can begin the negotiations to acquire a place on the billboards of on-line car racing games or other types of advertisement that are built into the gaming system.

A more extravagant way in which to promote your product through text advertising may be the placement of your ad on the various video games that are released through PlayStation or Xbox. While this is far more costly venture of advertising, it may reach a greater number of potential clients or customers.

Advertising, in today’s economy, is quite varied. Finding the right advertising and marketing campaign for your company is crucial to your company’s success. While you may have a great product or service, if you are not reaching your customers or clients effectively, significant opportunities for revenue are lost. When considering your advertisement options, consider those that are textual in addition to visual and look to online gaming and video games as a viable advertising option.…

Business: Pester Power in Marketing, Now Schools

Nag, nag, nag they go on and on about the things they have seen on TV, items someone wants to sell. These are our little ones, those who hold on to our hearts with their very voices and this is what advertisers have been using for years to increase their sales. Funny thing, these voices same have the means to push for other things, better things for us all. One such young voice is Martha Payne a nine (9) year old who is using her voice to speak out against politics. She is following the same as other students who once videotaped their teachers in class doing nothing; only Martha is doing it to the lunches. The school system has already seen what happened when these teachers were held responsible, now the politicians do not want to be the next ones held responsible.

Pester power is the ability for children to want to something so bad they continue to pester adults to get it. Advertisers have been using this in one form or another since the beginning, but the laws are carefully crafted around such to prevent seen abuses. Still the fact children have the means to direct and control some family spending has given them influence in many factors. Schools are looking for more income so they are allowing marketing to students in exchange for funding. The influence children have over the family spending also has influence outside the family. Those attempting to corrupt the political processes are also aware of such and do not want such influence out of their hands.

The sound of little voices is influenced by what is taught to them and how they react to such teachings. Just as we have gained more information about the recycling and global warming, we have also seen these same voices speaking out as well. But they did not stop there, they carrying cameras, taking photos of what real life is like for them. This was done on the streets, about gangs, racial thoughts, and even in the classrooms, all to make some change happen. But those who are attempting to control their lives also are taking actions to prevent such freedoms.

Political forces do not want what they can not control taking actions, describing what things are really like in a way that others will see and understand is action. The power these little ones have has been used to push political agendas for many years, from birth control, abortions, and even save sex marriages. But when these same speak about the matters they understand and yet this is outside the established political control, fear is generated. It is from this fear actions were taken against Martha Payne. Efforts taken were meant to serve the adults’ interest, the concerns of the educational system them being developed once more for the adults not the students.

Our current educational system has many flaws, exploited and abused by the organizations developed to protect the adults involved, few concerns left for the students regards. These adults influence the political operations, wages, conditions and education our children receive. Yet as the children are attempting to take actions for their regards, cameras have been instrumental in gaining the evidence which clearly shows how they are being treated. We may choose not to believe everything the children are saying, but it is hard to refute the photographic and movie evidence they have been making. This is the evidence Martha has been able to gain, with a camera she has pointed a finger at the school lunches.

Education and nutrition are going hand-in-hand in politics these days, all the way to the White House under control of the First Lady. With such emphasizing on school lunches is it a wonder our children are taking notice of what happens as well? They have to eat this stuff, if it is not suitable, not being fed, or even not being eaten this is important. The public has a right to hear from our children what they see and have to go through every day. But political forces have for years wanted to reduce and even eliminate this point of view, for the fear of them being seen …

Pay-Per-Click, PPC, Not as Effective as Link Advertising

Working within the search engine marketing business, SEM, I’ve heard many theories and statements made with regard to search engine rankings and how best to promote a website to the top of the search engine. From new business owners to individuals who are blogging to their heart’s content, there is much confusion over how to dominate the search engines.

While Yahoo and Google do provides some opportunities for advertising your businesses, products or services, these advertising options should not be used alone. To effectively dominate the search engines, it is important to diversify your internet marketing and advertising campaign.

Link advertising has become increasingly more common in recent years. Unfortunately, many website owners, and bloggers, are unfamiliar with the power of text link ads and, for that reason, I’m going to try to describe why it is better than pay-per-click advertising.

Let’s say you own a pool supply company. When we look at the search engine tools and keyword search reports, it seems that over 30,000 people per month, are typing in the keyword “pool supplies” into the search engines. So, where does your company fall in the ranking of results? Since the search engines generally default to the top 10 search findings, your company, in all likelihood, is not on page one – and probably not on page two or even page three.

But, you say, you’ve been using the “highly touted” Google Adsense and Yahoo marketing programs. Why is your site not reaching these 30,000 Internet searchers? Because pay-per-click advertising is rotational, often in shaded top headers or sidebars of the search engines, it is pretty much luck of the draw in how many people will see your site. While you only pay for people who actually “click” on your search results, the goal should not be to count “clicks”. This is simply a waste of marketing dollars. We can compare that to people driving down the street and you only spend marketing dollars on those who actually drive to your store. This, in marketing strategy, makes absolutely no sense at all.

Instead, you want to advertise and market your company in a way that it returns in a more natural search result. Remember those 30,000 internet searchers who were looking for “pool supplies”? You want to reach them! To do that, it is important to get your website to return into the top 25, and even the top 10, search results. But, how do we do that.

Through a diversification of marketing campaigns, using inbound linking, your website can be promoted through the search engine results. Inbound linking can be static links, rotating site-run links, blogs about your company, even “billboards” attached to high quality sites. The options are virtually endless. While there are many companies that offer reciprocal linking and paid posting services, these services, alone, will not drive your website to the top of the search engines. To achieve optimal results, you must diversify your campaign.

Finding highly regarded search engine marketing, SEM, company is important to your investment in marketing your business. With thousands of internet searchers looking for your business, it is well worth the investment to develop an internet marketing campaign that will reach those same individuals through a more organic search approach. With over 80 percent of all internet searchers choosing to link to sites on page one of their search results, and often never clicking on side bar, pay-per-clicks, link advertising gives you the best rate of return on your investment.…

How Back to School Marketing Can Help Your Business

Inexpensive Publicity
Media attention can be hard for small business owners to obtain. This is one reason you should consider back to school marketing. If you have planned a large community event to distribute free school supplies, that will catch the attention of local media reporters. While the main goal of a back to school event is to get your business in front of customers, you can obtain even more exposure with the media. This could make it easier to get publicity in the future during special events that your business is sponsoring.

It is helpful, especially if you have sent out press releases before and had no response. These documents can be expensive to distribute. A back to school event will allow you to collect contact information of local reporters and contact them again. Due to the school supplies event, you are able to get media attention without paying more money. It is an additional opportunity to gain more revenue in the future.

Long Term Exposure 
Students use school supplies all year round. That means there are multiple chances to expose your business and services to potential customers. Many high school students hang out at their friend’s house and join community organizations. One person that has a notebook with your business logo on it may expose that notebook to dozens of other people during a tutoring session and other activities. That creates long term exposure for your business and more opportunities to gain customers and sales.

Repeat Customers 
By marketing your business using school supplies, this can create multiple sales from individual customers. The long term exposure mentioned in this article will produce interest in your business. Once you have provided a good service to customers, they will remember that and become a loyal supporter of your business. This chance for continuous revenue is worth hosting one single back to school event for local residents. School supplies materials are in demand and it is important to take advantage of the opportunities that small businesses have in this area.

Good Deed 
Many parents cannot afford to purchase all of the required school supplies for their children. This is a good reason to provide free items for students. Just because you own a business does not mean that money should always be the primary focus. Good deeds go a long way and exhibits high character. This can help you personally and professionally, as grateful parents will recommend your business to their friends.…

Five of the World’s Most Unusual, Eco-Friendly Home Furnishings

With all this talk about taking care of the Earth, and learning to efficiently use the world’s resources, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some inventions that are little known to the rest of the world. There are plenty of us who religiously and meticulously separate our waste materials. But it seems that there are organizations who are taking the “green” movement a little bit farther than the average consumer. In my quest for life’s most interesting conversation pieces, I lucked up on a several different mind-blowing home decorating options (most of which are made of recycleable materials). Mind you, each and every one of these are fully-functional, and in most cases, some of the most beautiful pieces of home art you’ll ever find…


  1. A FIREPLACE IN YOUR TABLE – Those not fortunate enough to have a cozy spot in the house for gathering around a toasty fire are finally in luck. Schulte Design is marketing a line of furniture called “Fire Furniture”, with one of the more popular pieces being a small coffee table which has a fireplace integrated into the center of its structure. In case you’re worried about pollutants, do not be. The fire is created with a liquid that is emission and smoke free.
  2. BOOKSHELF…OR COFFIN? – The Shelves for Life, which made their debut at the [Re]Design 06 exhibition in London, are perhaps the most functional bookshelves ever invented. After you’re finished using the shelves to hold your most precious literary items, you can use them to hold your most recently deceased. Yes, the contemporary, multi-slat shelves can be dismantled and re-assembled into a fully functioning coffin.
  3. THE KITCHEN CHAIR– I know what you’re thinking. There isn’t any thing strange about a chair being in the kitchen. But what about a chair that actually doubles as a kitchen? Vestal Design has developed a home décor solution for those with extremely limited space. The DoubleSpace Kitchenette is essentially a chair which can be flipped over (via an internal swivel mechanism) and used as a fully functioning stove.

    The “kitchenette” contains a countertop and two stove burners. It was also designed with a safety feature which will not allow the stove to be operable when the unit is used as a chair. Furthermore, the device is mobile, and can be rolled around at your leisure. Under the assumption that one will never cook and sit at the same time, this unit was developed to conserve both space and energy.

  4. DINING ROOM IN A BOX– This isn’t a reference to a bucket of chicken, or any variation of “boxable” fast food. The MealBox, created by Igland Design is actually a complete dining room set which fits neatly into a cube measuring almost a 1 ½ feet high.

    The furniture itself consists of several jigsaw puzzle-like slats which fit snugly together to form a low coffee table or mini-dining table. The six “chairs” are simply stackable seats which closely resemble foot stools covered in “tush-sensitive” Neoprene rubber seating. This dining room can be taken literally anywhere.

  5. AN IV FOR YOUR HOUSEPLANTS – Green thumb? What’s that? Everyone who has attempted to grow houseplants and failed understands that these lovely greenies need water, sunlight, and lots of happy conversation. Sometimes, we forget to supply the first ingredient.

    But if you happen to have Vitamin Living‘s I.V. Plant Pot, then you shall fear no more the imminent death of your beloved household plants. This contraption is a real I.V. which continually provides your plant with its necessary nutrients. When the clear I.V. bag goes a bit flat, you’ll know that it’s time to fill up your plant’s water supply once more.

As I combed the internet and browsed various sites, I was amazed at exactly how many different kinds of companies there are which are solely dedicated to providing innovative solutions to space and energy conservation. By taking a closer look at how we use our square footage and energy, it’s possible to discover brand new ways of conserving the earth’s resources.…

How to Become an Advertising Freelancer

There are essentially three kinds of businesses in this world: Those that can afford to have an advertising agency handle all their advertising; those that can’t, but can do their own advertising and marketing in-house; and finally, those businesses that can do neither. That’s where an advertising freelancer comes into the picture.


A freelancer works on a project-by-project basis. No case too small. The benefit to the business is that they can have the freelancer work with their relatively low ad budget. The freelancer charges either by the hour or per project for their services. In doing so, they can provide professional advertising campaign management with a budget far lower than advertising agencies can feasibly work with. It’s becoming a better option for more and more businesses that simply don’t have the ability to do it on their own.

This creates an outstanding opportunity for advertising professionals who want to break out of the corporate conundrum, and get out on their own. Freelancers enjoy a greater amount of independence and self-determination than advertising professionals who work in a firm. They can take on numerous businesses as clients and have multiple streams of revenue. This means better financial stability for the freelancer.

So, say you’re an advertising pro and ready to cut the agency apron strings. Here are some simple, logical steps to get going:

1. Come up with a marketable name. Some freelancers make the mistake of working as a single person, (“Jane Schmo, Advertising Freelance”). This tends to “shrink” the freelance’s abilities in the eyes of a prospective client. Instead, come up with a professional company name (more like “Schmo Advertising and Marketing”). Present yourself more in the light of a project manager-type that will produce, supervise and manage a company’s ad campaign with the aid of other creative advertising professionals if needed. This will go a long way in projecting your image as an advertising professional who can take on any kind of campaign.

2. Once you have a name, have professional materials made up to build your image. This includes the obvious: business cards, stationery, brochures, etc. But also be sure to include other items such as advertising premiums – such as pens, key-chains, notepads, personalized calendars, and other “schwag”. You want to get your name and image out there and on the desks of the very business owners you want to work for. Image and name recognition is everything in advertising more so than any other segment of business. Get your name out there.

3. Produce an impressive info-pack – Be sure to include a detailed resume and history of past campaigns that you have worked on in your professional career. Be sure to highlight your more successful campaigns, the ones you think your prospects may have come across.

4. Put up a website – This is non-negotiable if you want to be taken seriously as a professional. You MUST have a website with a good, easy to remember domain name. Make sure ALL your materials have your web address. Your website will be your living, breathing resume. Don’t skimp on it, and update it regularly. Put up nothing less than a professional, clean and slick website and be sure to have your burgeoning portfolio on-line for your prospects to peruse at their leisure.

5. Determine your rates – Research your competition and see what the going rates are for the kind of services you will be offering. Price yourself somewhere in the middle. According to most advertising trade publications, freelance copywriters get anywhere from $350-450 per billable hour. Keep in mind that many business owners like to have a good idea of what the total cost of the project will be from the get-go. Look into pricing an entire project to get their business. Just make sure you don’t price too low and end up working way too much for too little.

6. Nobody can do everything great, so make sure your prospects understand that you have other professionals at your disposal. Such as, graphic artists, web designers and other creative specialists, to make their campaign a well-packaged success.

7. Know the ins and outs of on-line advertising! This is the future of advertising, and …

Advertising, Promotions, Marketing and Public Relations Managers

Public relations, advertising and marketing management are highly coveted jobs for the ratio of high wages to freedom of work environment. Those in these positions often can work from home, travel and have an office supplied to them. While many positions require a raw talent for marketing, some of the intricacies can be easily learned for a lucrative career

Job Duties

An advertising, marketing or public relations manager is responsible for the strategy, sales, promotion, pricing, public outreach, development and marketing of a product or company. Advertising managers focus on the ad campaigns and may work with the finance and promotional departments to find the most beneficial advertising campaigns available. A public relations manager is responsible for the design and implementation of public promotions including events on social media, through bloggers and writers and through the broadcast media.

Skills Required

This career path is full of schedule changes and requires an employee to be flexible as well as work under pressure. Anyone in the field of public relations, marketing and advertising must have excellent customer service skills as well as the ability to blend with special interest groups. Long hours, weekends and evenings are sometimes required, as are above average computer and media skills.

Education and Requirements

A bachelor’s degree, preferably in a business administration, is typically required for marketing, sales and promotions manager. In fields that are dependent on knowledge of electronics, a degree in engineering or science is preferred. Required coursework for these degrees include classes in advertising, public affairs, speaking, communications and political science, among core requirements. Many successful promotions, public relations and marketing managers are fluent in multiple languages, and an extensive knowledge of social media is preferred.

Courses Required

Many colleges offer four-year degrees specifically in advertising, promotions and social media. Typical courses required include advertising and society, mass communication, media writing, principles of advertising, digital communication, brand solutions, social networks, search engine marketing and design in media. These courses teach a broad range of current trends in mass media including print, broadcasting and digital media. Technology, sociology and psychology courses are also suggested electives for any position in promotional media career paths.

Outlook and Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of advertising, marketing, promotions and public relations will continue to grow by more than 13 percent through 2018. In May 2008, the average annual wage for an advertising and promotions manager was $80,200, more than $108,000 for marketing managers and $89,430 for public relations managers.


Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook, Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, and Public Relations…

Developing Trust in Your Blog Marketing Efforts

Blog Marketing can be further developed by integrating everything you do on your blog with Social Networking. Assuming that you have effectively developed all of the other techniques available when developing your blog this is the place to multiply your efforts. Making it possible for all your readers to easily bookmark and share your information is just one of the ways to do this.

Sites that allow ‘voting’ also give your blog and your products more exposure. Another way is to tie blog posts into sites like Facebook and Twitter. It can be part of your regular process with the Social Media sites. Essentially with the right connections you can get a lot of mileage out of each post. Mileage equals exposure and the opportunity for them to trust you and buy from you.

Just make sure your blog and website is integrated together. In the beginning, all of the different parts of my Blog Marketing were like separate pieces. Once I matched the links, keywords, anchor text, images across my blog, my Social Media, and last but not least my website. This led the customer from one part to the next, from one product to the next, and one sale to the next. If you are in the Internet Marketing business you will want to make it obvious that you are involved across all those areas.

I wanted my blog to be part of an informative and enjoyable process to keep the reader on the blog as long as possible. Either that or I want to make it as easy as possible for them to go right on to making the sale. Even if you only have one or two products or services at this point it is going to reap long term benefits for your sales if you find even a small amount of time to work with your blog every day.

In part it is about trust. The reader is depending on you to grab their attention before they are even a regular reader. Ideally the content on your blog gives them something to think about long after they have left their computer. Even something to think about when they do sit down the next day at their computer.…

Winning a College Sports Marketing Sales Assignment

College marketing majors will likely need to sell something for a course. Many individuals don’t enjoy sales because they’re ineffective at persuasion, dislike communicating with strangers, and/or are terrified at rejection.

I enrolled in a sports marketing course during the spring of 2009. One of the course’s objectives was selling discounted tickets for a professional sports organization. Our professor encouraged project participation as it was a superb opportunity to expand our network and generate communication skills.

I didn’t personally know any fans of the organization. I felt awkward cold-calling folks and attending random churches. Instead of meeting face-to-face with potentially uninterested people, I tried to expand my market potential by utilizing an advertising approach.

I emailed dozens of students about my goal of selling tickets, informing them that they could reply for more information and the ticket order form. I used the bulletin boards in the main building and where I took all of my classes. I completed a sales presentation to one large classroom of students. The main thing, however, was continuously posting advertisements on classified sites, ie Craigslist, in order to reach out to a larger mass. I was reaching out to more people who may have an interest in the specific team or sport when I posted in the sporting events section.

I concluded the assignment with the highest monetary sales, finishing just under $1,000 of total sales.

There were a couple things that prevented me from higher sales totals. Some of the prospects wanted specific seats, but I didn’t have access to which exact seats were available at that moment. I’d have to contact the account executive. I started telling customers no as I thought the executive could be getting weary of my constant contact. 
I went with a foolish and untrue notion and should have postponed such action until he requested I stop contacting him.

I also had no cellphone. After establishing contact with the interested party, I had to communicate through E-mail. Verbal communication would have increased my effectiveness as it made things simpler and quicker.

I was the only student who attempted these strategies. Think outside the norm, use some creativity, and see what happens when conducting a sales or marketing project.…