Live the Green Life

While some people think that it is just too much of an effort to –think green and live green–the environment is
what will suffer and many animals are certain to become distinct. Playing a part in reducing the carbon fallout 
on the Planet Earth is a role that anyone and everyone can play, regardless of age or where they live.


Recycling- Newspapers

Sunday mornings are usually a time when the newspapers are read and poured over for all of the multiple 
advertisements they contain. They are read a section at a time usually with morning coffee, and then tossed 
aside. This can go on for almost an entire morning, depending on how many sections the Sunday Papers contain.

When finally they are finished being read many have a habit,(almost without thinking), of gathering them, 
section by section, and placing them in the trash. Stop! Save the earth by saving the newspapers and advertisement pages and using them instead to light the fireplace, outdoor grill, or place under the mulch in the garden.

Recycling-Torn or One of a Pair of Missing Socks

Socks are great to use for dusting. They work well when cleaning the blinds. Put your hand into one of the socks, place it on top of one of the slats, and dust both the upper and lower slat at the same time. For washing the slats dip your hand, with sock into a mixture of Baking Soda and water. Do the same thing to wash the blinds after being dusted. Use a dry sock to dry the blinds. Launder the socks and reuse them for another chore at another time.

Recycling-Old Cotton Tee Shirts

Torn Tee Shirts are great to use to wash the car. Take two buckets and fill one with water and the other with 
baking soda in water and a dry tee shirt. Use one to rinse the car, the other to wash and the third to dry. Tee 
shirts are reusable so instead of throwing them out clean them and hang them to dry and use again.

Produce-Fruits and Vegetables

Buy home grown produce whenever possible. Purchasing them from the local farms or growing them in 
back yards will keep our farmers recycling the soil. We will be assured of eating fresh produce minus all 
those chemicals being sprayed on them. Even those that do not have large gardens can plant tomatoes, small green onions, radishes or a variety of herbs (usually purchased) in boxes outside on the patio.

Cleaning Products

Buy and use Baking Soda and Vinegar in place of store bought disinfections and spray deodorants to help keep chemicals out of the atmosphere. Both are very inexpensive and clean most anything using little effort. Open a box of baking soda and keep it in each bathroom. It eliminates odors without using the spray cans that are tossed into the garbage instead of being recycled. Baking soda and vinegar poured weekly down the drains, will result in having them smell sweet and clean.

There are many ways to Save the Environment – some take more effort than others – but the above suggestions take little effort, time or expense and anyone can do it-as long as they are not hospitalized.…

Going Green

I just got back from the store. This is my green mode and I am choosing not to give more money to the oil companies. The weather is beautiful and usually I take my bike to get cigarettes and groceries. I haven’t had it down since last fall so the tires need pumping up and Mike has the compressor, so I decided to walk. Just a few miles, it’s no big deal.

The store for the cigarettes and lottery tickets (my personal vice store…It has cigarettes cheaper than the grocery) is a two blocks south and two blocks west. The grocery is 10 blocks north and two blocks west. I decide on the cigarettes first, throw them in my backpack and onward to the grocery, just in case I overbought. I got my prescription and I think everything that was compact and weighed over 5 pounds. $60 later I pack the backpack full and have two extra shopping bags…and am quite smug that I already stopped for cigarettes. As I push the cart out of the store, I decide the pack is quite heavy and shall leave it in the shopping cart until the last cart corral. I also think it a wise idea to open the Arizona ice tea and throw back a few gulps before I go. By now I realize the winter coat and gloves were too much for 65-degree weather and need some fluid.

I pause as long as I can and reload the backpack to my back. It really is heavy. In an effort to appear normal I smile as I trudge ahead, really wanting a cigarette, but feeling that I would look a little foolish puffing and walking. The backpack is starting to cut into my shoulders.

Two blocks are down and only ten more to go. Funny, last year the walk wasn’t quite as long as this. My wrist is starting to hurt from the additional bags hanging from it.

Four blocks down and I’m seriously considering sitting down and drinking the ice tea, instead of sipping it while I walk. I get a stitch in my side and realize all this movement has promoted a gas attack. I walk with my stride tamed down in an effort to keep my legs closed, at least until I’m far enough away from the neighbor working in her yard.

Six blocks finished and the thought of a bicycle seemed wonderful. Actually, a car was looking better and my determination not to use gasoline was waning. I was seriously considering stopping at homes under the ruse of missioning my religion so I could sit down, but they might ask questions and they usually make you wait on the porch, standing. Besides, if they did let me sit in the house, they might want me to give them literature and all I had was celery and cauliflower in the backpack.

Eight blocks down and I now question myself, “Just when did I become Amish?” There is no answer but I notice that my right arm is now numb.

Two blocks to go….I can’t quit now. I see all the neighbors and passing out is totally out of the question. Must smile….Tried to wave but the arm won’t lift…Grin and nod.

Front yard…cut across lawn. Gas isn’t such a crisis and what can one person do anyhow? Barely get the key in the door, push the cat aside and sit the backpack down. Dang. I unpack the groceries and go downstairs. I have done my bit for my body and the environment. Time to light up and finish the ice tea and I answer my emails.

First email to a friend:

Hi Lori,

Just got home. I walked to the grocery and the wonderful breeze and smell of spring in the air made it all worthwhile. I thought that I would pass this on to encourage others to save gasoline. It really is quite invigorating.

See you.

Sit back and wait, laughing to myself. Someone else will try it if I promote it enough. There is evil inside me.…

Going Green

WHAT: The Raytown Garden Club Monthly Meeting


WHEN: Tuesday, March 1, 2020

TIME: 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: Raytown Christian Church

ADDRESS: 6108 Blue Ridge Blvd.


► Silent auction

► A Program entitled – “Be Creative: Five Green Things” will be presented

► Jim McGraw, speaker: Bridging the Gap volunteer, Conservation and recycling

The public is welcomed and there is no admission to this event.

For more information about this event or to attend their scheduled meetings, you may contact:


So If you have questions and concerns about recycling, conservation and going green, participants will get a good dose of information here.


Simple Ways to Make Your Life Greener around the House

With Earth Day just around the corner we should all think about ways to make our lives greener. There are many simple ways to do this. Not only is it good for the environment but it is good for your wallet too.


Organizing carpools to work and school is a great way to start. Carpooling cuts down on gas usage, emissions and car maintenance costs. Another option is using a bike or walking if you are not going that far from home.

Turn off lights and electric components that are not being used. A video console left on idle constantly can use as much energy as two refrigerators over a year’s time. The cost of electricity alone should scare you into turning off that hall light that isn’t needed at the moment.

Try to eliminate harsh cleaning chemicals found around your house. You can use vinegar to clean windows. Use a mixture of vegetable oil and lemon juice as a wood polish. They work just as well as commercial chemical cleaners but are not as caustic. This is a great alternative especially if you have small children at home.

Set the water temperature dial on your washer machine to cold. Frankly water temperature has really nothing to do with how clean your clothes are. Your laundry detergent should take care of that. You can eliminate the energy use that is needed to heat the water.

Clean the lint trap in your dryer after every use. When the lint trap is full and clogged it reduces the efficiency of your dryer. In the late spring and summer use a clothes line to dry your clothes to eliminate the use of the dryer completely. Who doesn’t love the smell of clothes hung out to dry on a beautiful summer’s day.

Try to get rid of the use of disposable cups, plates and plastic silverware. Take your favorite mug with you to work for coffee to get rid of using Styrofoam cups. Drink filtered tap water instead of buying bottled water.

Purchase reusable grocery bags instead of using plastic or paper. You can find them practically everywhere now and they really aren’t expensive. Personally plastic really isn’t worth the hassle because they are flimsy and useless.

On an average an infant will go through two to three thousand diapers a year. And approximately four million babies are born in America each year. So go ahead and do the math. That translates to a lot of garbage in landfills. Yes I will admit disposable diapers are convenient and handy. But if you are a stay at home mom or can find a way to use cloth diapers then by all means do so. They are actually better for your baby’s bottom.

My favorite tip of all is planting. Plant trees, flowers and vegetables. They are good for our air quality. They are good for your home value and can be good for your stomach. Freshly cut flowers brought into your home from your garden makes a wonderful natural air freshener.

Start a compost pile. You can get rid of grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps and egg shells this way. You can find instructions for starting a compost pile at .

These are simple and effective ways to go green. It is good for everyone to start using green ways. Not to mention taking a small financial burden off your wallet. If we do not start taking action soon, what kind of planet will we leave for our children.…

Go for the Green

If you want to go for the green
this year on Earth Day
there’s more to do
than just plant a tree.


Remember awareness 
starts with each one of us 
to do our part 
this year for Earth Day.

It is how we perceive 
our green actions today 
will affect the outcome 
of what will be 
to every lake, stream, and tree 
(our own well-being as well).

So go for the green 
this year on Earth Day 
by doing our part 
to aid our earth by going green 
helps us all in so many ways.

Here are a few green Earth Day tips 
to help you begin to go for the green: 
Walk today where you can, 
take in a lovely green earth scene.

Turn off the lights 
when you depart from a room 
and grab a filtered tap water 
in an aluminum mug to reuse.

Think Green 
before your day even starts. 
Conserve to preserve; 
use, don’t abuse.

Living green is a way 
we can all choose 
to have our say 
to ensure a green earth today.

Turn up the air 
and turn down the heat 
better yet, make it easy 
by installing a green thermostat.

Unplug an appliance 
when you are all through
Use water sparingly 
Make this your pledge 
and to the earth you will always be true.

And when doing your chores, 
there is even more you can do: 
When shopping 
take reusable green totes 
with you to the store.

Use green cleaning products 
to keep our water pure 
and wash in cold water 
to conserve even more.

Hang towels and sheets 
on the line out to dry, 
for a fresh air scent 
that money can’t buy; 
for nothing is better than 
fresh air scented sheets on your bed.

And to ensure the purity 
of our land and water sheds, 
donate unused items 
do not throw them away; 
recycle old cell phones 
and other electronics today.

Conserve to preserve; 
Use don’t abuse 
To go for the green 
Is really not hard 
These little green acts 
may even provide relief on your tax.

This Earth Day make it your resolve 
for children to come, go for the green 
and to them you will leave 
an Earth Day legacy.…

Going Green at Home

How can we live a healthy and happy life and save the planet at the same time? We see climate change and the loss of once beautiful land and it saddens us. Many people want to know how we can fix it. We want to preserve and restore our land so future generations can see the beauty of this magnificent planet. One of the best ways to do your part is by going green at home! Here are some helpful tips that can get you started.


Replace Some Light Bulbs

Instead of using incandescent bulbs that burn out quickly, try using CFLs. CFLs are more efficient and last a lot longer. They are more powerful, cheaper and they save energy!

Clean Green

Instead of using sickening household products loaded with harsh chemicals, choose from green certified cleaning products. Baking soda and water can be used for many cleaning projects, as can simple vinegar and water. Also, a great product, which is slightly expensive, is Melaleuca’s line of all-natural products. Even though they’re expensive, the products are highly concentrated so a little goes a very long way. Plus, it’s as strong, and in some cases stronger, than any industrial cleaner.

Watch Your Flow

Try taking shorter showers and hand washing your dishes instead of using the dish washer to lower the cost of your water and heating bill. Invest in a low flow shower head. It lowers the amount of water used without affecting the pressure. You can also try low flow toilets.

Buy “Green” Paint

Only use paints that are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The best paint to use is AMF Safecoat. You’ll breathe easier knowing the unique formula helps block toxic emissions from seeping into your environment. You also don’t have to sacrifice style for health. It produces a vast spectrum of beautiful contemporary and traditional colors.

Buy Recycled

Start buying recycled products instead of products that go straight into the landfill once the consumer is done using them. A term used for recycling is Cradle to Cradle. This is the idea that one man’s waste is another man’s food. Also, recycle your own things. Take old clothes to thrift stores and recycle plastic, glass and paper.

If you’re not completely sure what to buy when it comes to getting green products, here are a few tips on things to avoid.

• Try to avoid products with harsh chemicals or that could potentially be harmful. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for green alternatives.

• Watch out for excessive packaging.

• If you can’t pronounce it, do not get it.

By simply going green at home, you can save the earth, save your health, save money, save the economy and just feel amazing about how you’re changing your life for the better. By going green at home, we not only benefit ourselves but also the future generations that we are leaving this planet to. I believe we were given the Earth to use and take from, but I also feel it is our job to use it responsibly and take care of what we have.

Works Cited:…

Grass is Green

Here’s a bit of silly poetry about grass (not your lawn):


grass is green 
grass is good 
grass is often misunderstood 

grass is soothing 
grass is funny 
grass is costing too much money

grass is awesome 
grass is good for me 
grass enhances creativity

grass is natural 
grass is medicine 
grass is opposite of amphetamin(e)

grass is sweet 
grass is fine 
grass is better when its mine

grass is mellow 
grass; it mends 
grass is best when shared with friends!…

Green Newspaper Boxes

I got my first job working with my grandpa on his newspaper route. It was ten dollars a day if one could last through the whole five hours which to me then was a good sum since I planned on working all summer when I first started. , I really didn’t know much my grandpa at all, only what I had heard about him from my family, and he really didn’t know much about me either. It was an awkward first couple of hours afterwe got past the conversation of us both being fine and that it was chilly thatmorning, but we quickly learned that it takes communication between the driver and the folder to make it work.

Some customers are really picky and particular about what conditiontheir paper is in and how they find it on their lawn or in their box, and beingnew I didn’t know who was who yet. I just quarter folded the papers, stuck a rubber band around it, and threw it down by my feet to be used later because I learned that you can’t wait for each box to fold the paper, and Grandpa would do the things that that the customer liked after few days I caught on what to do and where, but we still didn’t talk much. During the week our hours were from 10am to 3pm or later, it depended on how quick the press printed that morning,but on Saturdays anywhere from 2am – 8am were our hours. Trust me it’s a lot different in the dark! We messed a lot of boxes and he’d back up whichgot me confused on when to do the specialty papers not to mention I wasfalling asleep while I folded because it got so monotonous. The first time I fell asleep at a box, Grandpa just smiled and tapped my shoulder so I could put the paper in the box. He then asked me the first real conversation-starting question we’d ever shared, “Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?”

Of course I answered no, knowing that this wasn’t what he wanted either. He then asked me what I wanted to do, and being in eighth grade going into ninth, I didn’t have a clue. At that time I was still just an ornery kid having fun with no real plan for the future, and school was the last thing on my mind. He knew all of that since he’d talked to my mom and saw me with my cousins, but he decided he wanted to help me understand the world that would be before my feet in four years. We talked about everything from finances, school, college, marriage, children, and even about the uncle I never met because he died before I was ever thought of. He taught me that life is no bed of roses like I once believed and he opened my eyes to what I had to do.

That next school year, I worked harder on my studies than I ever had in my life and earned straight almost perfect A’s, and I was only able to go on the paper route with him on Saturdays, but I enjoyed our time we shared. One time I was doing my homework until ten on a Friday night and only slept for four hours. Grandpa noticed what I was doing, and I’ll never forget what he said to me, “You can work your whole life away if you’re not careful. Sometimes you get what you work for, but it’s the little things in life that bring us happiness; don’t miss those little things by working too much. Work hard but have fun.” After seeing my report cards, my mom kept asking my grandpa what he did to get me to work so hard. He just looked at me, smiled, and said, “I didn’t do anything; she did it all.” He changed my life and I have everything to thank him for, but he insists that all I have to do to thank him is keep working hard and being happy. He made me the person I am today and I have to smile every time I …

Ways to Live a Green Life

If you were to look up green living homes or as I did “green living domes” because my husband has always thought he would love to live in this manner, you will find pictures that would have you believe that you are in any typically built home. Windows, doors, decorations, it all looks pretty much the same on the inside but when it comes to the outside, that’s a whole different story.

Said to be a unique experience I feel that the idea takes a bit of getting used to when you have spent years growing up deciding what type of home you would like to live in and that did not include living in a dome.

With many factors to consider noise is top on the list. There is wind and rain, and in some areas concerns for tornadoes and more. Typically there is noise from traffic sources such as cars, motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles hauling oversized trailers and your everyday Semi’s. Living in a dome is said to be a really quiet experience where looking out the window would be the only way for you to know certain conditions existed.

Conventional homes typically have high gas and electric bills while living in a dome home there are no meters to read and your monthly bills are substantially lower due to the fact that your floors are heated by your hot water. What a great way to experience those cold winters without having to bundle up. A quick hop out of bed will find your bare feet warm and cozy just as they are.

Let’s face it, there are several things to consider but in today’s world the more green we can live the better it is for our planet and it does not take a rocket scientist to know that it is suffering in many ways. You don’t have to live in a dome home to do your part but even the simplest of things like separating your recyclables from you trash or can make a huge difference.

I don’t know if I will ever live in a dome home but I will go so far as to say that it is not out of the question and just might be the home of choice for my husband and me for our retirement years. Once he sells me on the idea he still if faced with where do we build it and that too takes a lot of consideration but hey, we have plenty of time to do so.