Business: Pester Power in Marketing, Now Schools

Nag, nag, nag they go on and on about the things they have seen on TV, items someone wants to sell. These are our little ones, those who hold on to our hearts with their very voices and this is what advertisers have been using for years to increase their sales. Funny thing, these voices same have the means to push for other things, better things for us all. One such young voice is Martha Payne a nine (9) year old who is using her voice to speak out against politics. She is following the same as other students who once videotaped their teachers in class doing nothing; only Martha is doing it to the lunches. The school system has already seen what happened when these teachers were held responsible, now the politicians do not want to be the next ones held responsible.

Pester power is the ability for children to want to something so bad they continue to pester adults to get it. Advertisers have been using this in one form or another since the beginning, but the laws are carefully crafted around such to prevent seen abuses. Still the fact children have the means to direct and control some family spending has given them influence in many factors. Schools are looking for more income so they are allowing marketing to students in exchange for funding. The influence children have over the family spending also has influence outside the family. Those attempting to corrupt the political processes are also aware of such and do not want such influence out of their hands.

The sound of little voices is influenced by what is taught to them and how they react to such teachings. Just as we have gained more information about the recycling and global warming, we have also seen these same voices speaking out as well. But they did not stop there, they carrying cameras, taking photos of what real life is like for them. This was done on the streets, about gangs, racial thoughts, and even in the classrooms, all to make some change happen. But those who are attempting to control their lives also are taking actions to prevent such freedoms.

Political forces do not want what they can not control taking actions, describing what things are really like in a way that others will see and understand is action. The power these little ones have has been used to push political agendas for many years, from birth control, abortions, and even save sex marriages. But when these same speak about the matters they understand and yet this is outside the established political control, fear is generated. It is from this fear actions were taken against Martha Payne. Efforts taken were meant to serve the adults’ interest, the concerns of the educational system them being developed once more for the adults not the students.

Our current educational system has many flaws, exploited and abused by the organizations developed to protect the adults involved, few concerns left for the students regards. These adults influence the political operations, wages, conditions and education our children receive. Yet as the children are attempting to take actions for their regards, cameras have been instrumental in gaining the evidence which clearly shows how they are being treated. We may choose not to believe everything the children are saying, but it is hard to refute the photographic and movie evidence they have been making. This is the evidence Martha has been able to gain, with a camera she has pointed a finger at the school lunches.

Education and nutrition are going hand-in-hand in politics these days, all the way to the White House under control of the First Lady. With such emphasizing on school lunches is it a wonder our children are taking notice of what happens as well? They have to eat this stuff, if it is not suitable, not being fed, or even not being eaten this is important. The public has a right to hear from our children what they see and have to go through every day. But political forces have for years wanted to reduce and even eliminate this point of view, for the fear of them being seen as incompetent.

The educational system is supposed to assist students, our children in gaining an understanding and use of the collected knowledge the society has. But instead political forces are so far into this system they seemingly control most if not all the aspects. The political goals take over, using the public authority to keep special interested parties happy while our children suffer. If any parent was to do this we would have child abuse charges drawn up, but the politicians are forgiven just so they can do it over again. Without stressing these same political forces with charges, when will there ever be changes in the students’ favor? Martha Payne is doing good work and the political forces are going to have to accept this, they will also have to change.

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