Bowling Green Nightlife

I decided to check out the new nightclub, Fluid, when a couple college friends of mine came into town. According to their website, Fluid1 is a sophisticated, upscale club that has an enforced dress code. Even though jeans are allowed, baggy clothes, athletic wear, and dirty shoes are not. The facility is also non-smoking and boasts an elevated sectioned-off VIP area so that people that request the area can look over other patrons of the club.


The club is located on the square in downtown Bowling Green, Kentucky in a small shop location. This already provides a limitation. It’s not very big and they are limited on the layout of the club.

My friends and I went there on a Thursday night around 10:00 pm. There was a actually a good amount of people there for a work night. The inside of the club is painted a bright “nightclub” blue color. It’s that blue that is seen in so many nightclubs and covered by neon wall art, which was also present in Fluid. Walking in, directly on the left is the DJ and the dance floor is located in the front of the club while the bar and seating are located in the back. This makes for an awkward set up because patrons have to walk behind the screen and red “velvet” ropes located around the dance floor to get to the bar, tables, and couches located in the back. The VIP section is in the far right corner and is basically a couple of couches on a small platform surrounded by sheer sheets and one set of ropes to section the area off. It is about the size of a small bathroom, but probably enough for four to six people. There are televisions behind the bar and a long couch right across from it with a couple of coffee tables in front that my friend told me she saw at Wal-mart. The DJ played hip-hop music with techno beats.

The Pros: Even though the layout was awkward, the atmosphere was relaxing. The couches provided coziness and intimacy that other nightclubs I have been into have not. The drink selection was extensive and the bar tenders were skilled in preparing drinks. This is where Fluid offers something unique. They provide swanky cocktails where other nightlife in the area is lacking. Another positive is that the bar is completely non-smoking, so patrons can come in and have a good time without wading in cigarette smoke.

The Cons: Though Fluid has filled a void in Bowling Green nightlife in providing an “up-scale” nightclub, many might only patronize it because there is nowhere else in town to go. Though there was a dance floor, the DJ was unimpressive. Trying to dance was difficult because either the mixes were too fast or too slow. This also interfered with the intimacy the club created with their seating arrangements. Further, the VIP section was essentially pointless because it was small and only separated from other seating by a sheer sheet. The club owners seem to be trying to create an atmosphere comparable to something found in a bigger city. Even though they tried to accomplish this by offering swanky cocktails, having a dress code, and offering a VIP section, in reality they did not live up to par. The VIP section was too small, the dress code was not enforced, and even though the décor did provide a sense of swank, the music being played completely killed that atmosphere.

All in all, the club is okay. It does lack a unified purpose. I would suggest hiring a different DJ, one that plays unaltered hip-hop songs, or getting rid of the seating and focus on merely being a techno club. I found myself quite frequently confused by what was supposed to be going on.


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