Why You Should Switch from Plastic to Reusable Cloth Bags

Plastic bags are convenient, but they really are poisonous trash. Did you know that there are already seas of plastic in our oceans? Each time you buy from stores and take their plastic bags you are contributing to world pollution. It is not oil companies that our causing the pollution. You’re causing it by your indifference and lack of compassion for your own race (the human race) and all life on earth. It’s easy to use cloth bags.

All it takes is your own decision to buy a cloth bag for about a dollar and reuse it again and again. Just this simple decision will stop landfills and oceans being filled up by petroleum by-products (plastic) that will degrade in about 1,000 years. If you need to use a thin bag you can buy “bio-bags,” which are made out of eco-friendly substances and they break down quickly. Or just go to Sprouts and look for the eco-friendly kitchen items.

Do you use plastic bags? Do you use them at the market, at the shopping mall, or the drug store? Do you like oceans filled with islands full of plastic trash? Do you like killing thousands if not millions of wildlife and poisoning the human race, slowly with time? Are you prepared for a future that may entail mass extinction, and human sterility? Continue using plastic bags and you will surely bring this about.

You don’t have to use plastic bags at stores. You can buy cloth bags from any store and reuse them over and over again, forever; or until they break. It’s only our world for our children and future generations to come. If you don’t really care then be prepared for the bleak future that we will inherit- if we continue on this mindless path of waste. Have some incentive care about your planet, use cloth bags. You don’t’ need to be lazy. Cleaning up the earth doesn’t start with other people or governments or companies. It starts with each and every individual on the planet earth. It starts with you!…

Environment-Friendly Tips on How to Do Your Laundry

Since the early 1980s, scientists had been vigilant and telling us that our daily activities greatly affect the environment. We have been very insensitive and hardly pay attention regarding this matter. As time goes by, more evidences are observed on climatic changes as a result of global warming. Starting in our own homes is the best and most effective way to preserve the environment. One best example of daily activities at home is doing the laundry. Here are some tips to do it in a nature-loving way.

1. Opt for a washer that is not expensive but has the best quality. Manufacturers prefer washers without agitators for they are not too expensive and are energy efficient. Consumers also prefer this kind of washer. This only requires less water and less power at the same time. In addition, these washers have faster spin cycles and dry the clothes at a short period of time.

2. Take time to evaluate how long the washer has been running. Do not let the washer run for too long. Do this at the shortest cycle based on how dirty your laundry is. In doing this, you are able to conserve energy.

3. Use detergents which are environment-friendly. You can do this by making your own. Materials can be found in your favorite stores or laundry shops. You do not have to worry because they are very cost effective compared to ready-to-use household detergents. To make your own detergent, add two cups of grated bar soap to a quart of boiling water. As soon as the soap melts, put it in a huge pail. Add two cups of borax and two cups of washing soda. Mix well. Lastly, add two gallons of water. After which, you are done. You can then decide whether to put an essential oil to the mixture when it has cooled.

4. Remove the stain with a stain remover. Stroppy stains can be removed by using things which can be found easily in the kitchen such as baking soda, vinegar and milk. You do not have to use harsh bleaches which are harmful to the environment. You can eventually hang your clothes under the sun. It is proven that the sun has natural bleaching effects and dries the clothes while keeping their natural colors.

These are just some effective ways in doing your laundry without causing damages to the environment and at the same time very cost efficient. Doing this maybe very tough at first but eventually you will realize its worth.…

Advertising Text Placement Vital to Outcome of Advertisement Campaign

Advertising your company’s services or products can be challenging in today’s advertising environment. This is especially true when considering the variety of mediums by which you message can reach your potential consumers and clients. If you are starting your own business, it is important to consider every aspect of your advertising and marketing campaign.

One area business owners often fail to consider is the issue of verbal placement of advertising. While many advertising and marketing agencies offer great solutions for visual placement of advertising, the use of verbal placement is also equally as important. In fact, using text as part of your advertising and marketing campaign is just as important as visual but, when combined, this provides a great impact to your revenue and gives more value for your advertising and marketing dollars.

So, where do you place your text advertisement? That is a very good question. With the expansion in video and Internet, many companies are turning to product placement, using text advertisement in these forums. In addition, however, gaming programs have become another great way to promote your products with text advertising.

When considering gaming as a way in which to promote the text advertisement of your products, you can approach this form of advertising in one of two ways. The first approach may involve the development of your own simple on-line game, linked to your company website, which is designed to attract a specific demographic of customers. An example may be found in the various on-line games designed for teenagers that link back to a product that is predominantly purchased by and for teenagers.

Beyond developing your own on-line game, it is also possible to build your company text advertisement into the on-line games of other companies. By contacting their media, website development, or advertising company, you can begin the negotiations to acquire a place on the billboards of on-line car racing games or other types of advertisement that are built into the gaming system.

A more extravagant way in which to promote your product through text advertising may be the placement of your ad on the various video games that are released through PlayStation or Xbox. While this is far more costly venture of advertising, it may reach a greater number of potential clients or customers.

Advertising, in today’s economy, is quite varied. Finding the right advertising and marketing campaign for your company is crucial to your company’s success. While you may have a great product or service, if you are not reaching your customers or clients effectively, significant opportunities for revenue are lost. When considering your advertisement options, consider those that are textual in addition to visual and look to online gaming and video games as a viable advertising option.…

How to Green Your Life for Less Than $100

The Green Revolution is upon is. Many consumers are now incorporating greening procedures in the workplace and homes for the main reason of efficiency and cost effectiveness. With greening, backend savings procedures bring large upfront costs. But there are greening techniques you can incorporate in your homes and lifestyle right now that will save considerable savings to your wallets.


Prioritize Thermostat Regulation

If you are at home, set a regular temperature and rarely adjust. 75 Degrees is a comfortable setting, whether in warm or cold seasons. Adjusting your thermostat constantly will only cause your electric bill to rise. In contrast, turn the AC unit off every time you leave your place of residence.


Make sure the screen and power saver options are on when using your computer. Turning a computer on and off will actually use more energy and cause faster wear and tear to the computer as well. If your on the market for a computer, consider a laptop. They use far less energy than a personal computer.

Appliances and Water Pipes

You can only be in one room at a time. So while you are in one room, make sure unneccessary power units are turned off in other rooms, IE TVs, radios, and lights. Check for leaks in the kitchen and bathroom sinks and tubs. If the pipes are leaking, and you may care about being overcharged by a plummer, turn off the main pipe in the room until you actually have use of a particular faucet. Small inconviences but steady combinations of techniques can add up to large utility bill savings.

Gas Savers

The majority of gas usage involves getting to and from work. An adjustment would be to work more in the home office. If your not in a career that has the work-from-home option, consider alternative ways of getting to your job. Carpooling with nearby coworkers is another great way. Start a four-person car pool where everyone can meet at a designated spot and have a weekly car rotation.

Consider riding the train as an option, if you live in a city with a public transportation system. If you use this option, get to the train station at least 45 minutes prior. Train delays do happen, especially during rush hour time.

Lastly, consider bike riding as a way to work. If your job is close to the train station, ride a bike to the station. If your job is within fifteen minutes of you, ride your bike to work. More companies are putting bike racks in front of their buildings to encourage more bike riders.…


Imagine being at the movies, a form of escape from day to day life, and after the previews ads are run for area businessess. There is no fast forwarding through this or even time to leave the room before the show starts. I find this offense. I do not want to be sold to everywhere I go.


A local grocery store chain now have their cashiers pitch an “item of the week” that is displayed proudly right in front of the customer. A shopper can easily impulse buy the item, but not this shopper. Out of obstinance and resentment I won’t purchase the item.

This all led me to watch for advertisements and see how invasive they have become in our lives.

First is what I call litter along the roadside. Many of us have used this method for advertising a yard sale or selling a used car. This would be the free method. Simply take a cardboard square, write on it, and nail it to a telephone pole on a busy street near your house. No problems here for me. It is middle America trying to bring in income.

The real litter are professional signs that are on a wire frame and can simply be stuck in the ground. Within a four block area of my home I saw four yard sale signs, two homes for sale, one by an established real estate company, and one from a help you sell type of agency. Certainly a low cost type of advertising that is effective.

Two signs on a telephone pole were so small that I could not read them and hence not an issue for me except as littler.

One sign, stuck in the ground, was for a house auction which was the first I saw of that type. Really, I was not surprise. Our economy is not in the shape that our illustrious leader in Washington would want us to believe.

An impressive display was a hard wood display for an auto detailing company. This had two sides, stood by itself, and was chained to a telephone pole.

Finally the last one was a professional looking ad for a nail care center.

Once I opened my eyes and saw what was there, it surprised me. How long has this been going on? Did I just not really see it before? Are Americans so immune they don’t really notice? I think the later may be true in my case.

Annoying also are advertisements that pop up when I am browing the web. Everyone is annoyed with those. They are not solicited. They are unwanted and thank goodness for pop-up control programs.

Certain web advertising is okay with me. Many of us do it all the time as free advertising, providing a link in our signature line to either web content, Associate Content articles, businesses or services that we offer.

Most Americans advertise in one way or another in their lifetime.

My objection to is advertising that is forced upon me and advertising that litters our road sides.…

Working from Home Can Be Good for Environment

Telecommuting, also called teleworking, is gaining respectability in today’s business climate. Running a home based business, or working for a company but working out a home office makes sense on so many levels. Some of the main advantages to teleworking are saving the time and expense of commuting and to saving the environment.

Teleworking is becoming a mainstay in the current work environment. According to the U.S. Labor Department, about 14 million workers were telecommuting part-time in 2004 and 7 people million were running businesses from home.

Teleworking saves the expense of driving to work every day. Anyone who drives a car knows the many expenses of fuel, maintenance and insurance. While you might not want to get rid of your car, working from home can save wear and tear and the subsequent expense.

While saving the expense of driving, teleworkers also help the environment because they are not adding to carbon emissions from commuting. People who live and work out of their home are able to put their time to most efficient use while saving the expense of commuting.

Teleworkers do use energy and incur additional costs in operating their home office. Equipment like computers, lights, cell phones, fax machines and copiers all use energy. Use the equipment wisely to cut down on electric usage and energy costs.

ComEd Electric Company has recommended several tips to help the environment and to save money when working from home.

1. Pay close attention to home energy use. About 15 percent of household electricity use comes from consumer electronics.

2. Turn off or unplug any unnecessary electronics. Equipment that is left on 24 hours a day eats up energy. Turn off copiers, printer and fax machines when they are not in use.

3. Look out for phantom load. Phantom load is the energy that electronics use even when they are turned off. They may only use a small amount of energy, but it does add up. To prevent this unplug the equipment entirely.

4. Unplug any unused equipment when not being used. This includes battery chargers, power adapters and cell phone chargers.

5. Turn off lights and electronics in your home while in your home office, including stereos, video games and televisions.

6. Light your office with compact fluorescent bulbs.

7. Select office equipment that has the ENERGY STAR ® designation because it is more efficient and saves energy costs.

Managing energy usage in your home office is one of ComEd’s 12 Ways to Green campaign. The campaign aims to education customer in ways to save money and to reduce their carbon footprint.…

Green Your Home on a Budget

Each room of your home represents your personal style. From the mocha café walls in the great room to the brilliant red abstract painting you found at a local art show, your tastes, style and personality can be found throughout your home. And wouldn’t it be great if each room conveyed your personal style and was eco-friendly too?

Making eco-friendly, green choices can be challenging, But when you take the time to learn about how products are made, what ingredients they use and where they come from you may find a greater appreciation for the items you interact with everyday. And fortunately, making more eco-friendly choices doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a lot of time. Read on to discover some simple, affordable ways to add green style to throughout your home.


Admit it. You have a drawer full of items saved for special occasions, many of which never see the light of day. And chances are hidden deep inside the drawer are those linen napkins you received as a wedding or house warming gift. Never used, but ready for the day they will be. Well, today is the day.

Using cloth napkins instead of disposable paper napkins not only adds style to the table everyday, it also saves valuable resources and money. Unlike throwaways, cloth napkins can last several years which means you can save hundreds of dollars over the life of the napkins. And since cloth napkins are so compact in size, you can easily throw them in with your weekly load of towels without adding extra loads to your laundry. Or if you prefer a more casual look, consider turning old t-shirts into napkins. Fun and whimsical, soft and absorbent, once your favorite t-shirt becomes too worn out to wear, turn it into napkins by cutting into 6 x 6 squares and stitching the edge. The t-shirt napkins are simple to make, and easy to care for since no ironing is required.

Before giving old pots and pans the old heave-ho, consider turning them into a decorative accessory. Teflon pans, recently cited by the EPA as a possible cancer risk when used to cook at high temperatures, can now transform to become a holder for dish towels, plants or even cook books. Remove the handles from smaller pots and pans and they transform into a cabinet organizer for clips, twist ties or packets of seasonings.


Possibly, the least favorite room to clean, the bathroom is surprisingly simple to green. Simple things like losing your plug in air freshener which can actually emit toxins into the air and replacing it with essential oils can create the air quality of the room. Simply place a drop of essential oil of cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus on a cool light bulb. When the lights are turned on a toxic-free, fresh scent filters through the air. Another trick to keeping your bathroom smelling fresh is to dab a cotton ball with your favorite essential oils and hide inside a basket of towels or discreetly on a shelf. The scent will fill the air and can be refreshed as often as needed.


The perfect place to start greening your bedroom is with bedding. Although cotton is a natural fiber, it typically requires pesticides and fertilizers to grow. The Sustainable Cotton Project estimates that 12 pounds of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers are applied to every acre of cotton in the United States. Organic cotton is grown without the harsh and toxic chemicals that often end up in the waterways and pollute the earth for years to come making it a more eco-friendly choice.

Another luxurious, yet green option is bedding made from bamboo which is naturally environmentally-friendly, antibacterial and soft. Bamboo fabrics are made from bamboo fiber yarns which are naturally silk-like and easy to dye, making it possible to find the perfect color to match the color scheme of your room.

Consider transforming your room into one inspired by the tropical colors of Caribbean or the warm colors of the American Southwest with clay and milk paints. Made naturally from clay, clay paints and plasters are available in a range of natural earth tones and textures. Another …

What to Look for in an Environmentally Friendly Paint

At one time you had to pick either a paint color you really wanted or a color that was just ok, but had fewer chemicals. Today you can have both. Environmentally friendly paints now come in more colors than ever before. More paint companies are mixing in fewer chemicals and some have reverted to using earth and food materials. Using an environmentally friendly paint will help lower or eliminate volatile organic compounds and you won’t add pollutants to the air indoors. What should you look for when buying an eco-friendly paint.


Low or no-odor – If your main concern is what happens to you while you’re painting, go for low- or no-odor paints. Anyone with chemical sensitives or is prone to headaches needs to be cautious when using paint. Low- and no-odor paints have no odor once dry and no off-gassing. These are a good idea when you need to use the room soon after it’s painted. 

Zero VOC
 – Expect to pay more for paints with the least amount of VOCs (5 grams/litre or less). Be aware that added biocides and color tint will raise the level of VOCs listed on the paint can. Look at the label when buying paint to read the precise number of VOCs. For a truly environmentally mfriendly paint avoid ingredients like acetone, ammonia, and crystalline silica (a known carcinogen).

Water-based paints – Enjoy a lower-odor painting experience with water-based paints, rather than oil-based paints. You can wash these paints from brushes and rollers with water, no extra solvents required.

VOC content – Don’t just go by a big “low-VOC” label on the front, which is the paint equivalent of “low-fat” label on cookies and crackers in the snack aisle. Read the details of the VOC content on the paint label. A paint with up to 250 grams per liter (g/l) of VOCs can be labeled low-VOC.

Seal of approval

Since government regulations and industry standards have been slow to match consumer fervor for environmentally-friendly paint, finding an environmentally friendly paint can be hit or miss.

A number of non-profit organizations set specific environmental standards for different products, including interior paints. The organizations independently certify products and brands meeting those scientifically-tested standards with a seal. Look for products with certification from any of these organizations when buying an eco-friendly paint: Green Seal or GreenGuard.

Natural substances

* Paint like an Egyptian – One option is to look to the earth. Paints made with a mix of water, porcelain clay, chalk, and pigments are eco-friendly and natural.

* Go vintage or retro with milk paints – Milk paints, used in Colonial America are an eco-friendly option. They also gained popularity in the 1970s. The paints use milk casein, combined with other ingredients including food-grade bamboo cellulose and food emulsifiers. Some ancient wall paintings were made with a combination of milk, lime, and earth pigments.

Bees’ wax, mineral and plant dyes, and essential oils – Other natural paint products use these natural ingredients. If you want a naturally good scent while painting look for an eco-friendly brand containing essential oils. Typical scents tend to be in the citrus family, with refreshing aromas of lemon or grapefruit.


Green Seal

Green Guard

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“Non-Toxic Paint – No-VOC Paint,” Greenhomesofmaine.com…

Business: Pester Power in Marketing, Now Schools

Nag, nag, nag they go on and on about the things they have seen on TV, items someone wants to sell. These are our little ones, those who hold on to our hearts with their very voices and this is what advertisers have been using for years to increase their sales. Funny thing, these voices same have the means to push for other things, better things for us all. One such young voice is Martha Payne a nine (9) year old who is using her voice to speak out against politics. She is following the same as other students who once videotaped their teachers in class doing nothing; only Martha is doing it to the lunches. The school system has already seen what happened when these teachers were held responsible, now the politicians do not want to be the next ones held responsible.

Pester power is the ability for children to want to something so bad they continue to pester adults to get it. Advertisers have been using this in one form or another since the beginning, but the laws are carefully crafted around such to prevent seen abuses. Still the fact children have the means to direct and control some family spending has given them influence in many factors. Schools are looking for more income so they are allowing marketing to students in exchange for funding. The influence children have over the family spending also has influence outside the family. Those attempting to corrupt the political processes are also aware of such and do not want such influence out of their hands.

The sound of little voices is influenced by what is taught to them and how they react to such teachings. Just as we have gained more information about the recycling and global warming, we have also seen these same voices speaking out as well. But they did not stop there, they carrying cameras, taking photos of what real life is like for them. This was done on the streets, about gangs, racial thoughts, and even in the classrooms, all to make some change happen. But those who are attempting to control their lives also are taking actions to prevent such freedoms.

Political forces do not want what they can not control taking actions, describing what things are really like in a way that others will see and understand is action. The power these little ones have has been used to push political agendas for many years, from birth control, abortions, and even save sex marriages. But when these same speak about the matters they understand and yet this is outside the established political control, fear is generated. It is from this fear actions were taken against Martha Payne. Efforts taken were meant to serve the adults’ interest, the concerns of the educational system them being developed once more for the adults not the students.

Our current educational system has many flaws, exploited and abused by the organizations developed to protect the adults involved, few concerns left for the students regards. These adults influence the political operations, wages, conditions and education our children receive. Yet as the children are attempting to take actions for their regards, cameras have been instrumental in gaining the evidence which clearly shows how they are being treated. We may choose not to believe everything the children are saying, but it is hard to refute the photographic and movie evidence they have been making. This is the evidence Martha has been able to gain, with a camera she has pointed a finger at the school lunches.

Education and nutrition are going hand-in-hand in politics these days, all the way to the White House under control of the First Lady. With such emphasizing on school lunches is it a wonder our children are taking notice of what happens as well? They have to eat this stuff, if it is not suitable, not being fed, or even not being eaten this is important. The public has a right to hear from our children what they see and have to go through every day. But political forces have for years wanted to reduce and even eliminate this point of view, for the fear of them being seen …

What You Need to Know Before Deciding on a Caller ID Spoofing Company

There are a few important things you should know about caller id spoofing services before you decide on just one. This article will bring attention to the important things you should look for in any spoofing service.

What you need to know about caller id spoofing services

This is what matters when it comes to caller id spoofing. I put these here for you.

There are a few quick notes about caller id spoofing cards and services that you should know about. Knowing about these tips will allow you make the best decision before going out and spending money on a service.

It does not matter how you use caller id spoofing

  • Doctor needing to disguise home number
  • Worried spouse wanting to find the truth
  • Calling back an unknown number
  • Responding to classified ads
  • Hiding your location
  • Just because

What does matter is your security

You want a company that knows what they are doing and even more critical, you want a company that plays by the rules. This is important because there are spoofing services that have already been shut down. The most important thing about caller id spoofing is the company you trust.

Do not waste your time, go with a company that really knows the legalities involved with caller id spoofing.

Caller id spoofing is easier when you have useful, quality features

Call quality, usefulness of features, and ease of use should not be forgotten.

What good is a caller id spoofing card if it does not work completely or sounds terrible and fake? Make sure the company you choose for caller id spoofing lets you try the product before you buy it.

Pay attention to call quality as that is so important if you need to have others listen to the them in the future. Another thing you should always look at before deciding on a caller id service is their online control panel. Some services will come with an interface you can access on the Internet, those are the services you want to look into.

Some services are better than others. Research and go with the best.

I am not going to waste your time

The truth.

I use and trust the smart people at SpoofCard because they know what they are doing, the recorded call quality is incredible, and the male voice sounds just like that guy from the Saw movies.

I said I was not going to waste your time and I meant it. I have tried a number of caller id spoofing services and so far, SpoofCard is the only one that I will talk to my friends about because their whole operation is legit and respectable.

Do not pull out your credit card for any caller id spoofing service unless the company you are planning to do business with lets you try out their service first. Some services will require you to download something and some do not require software. I recommend choosing the company that does not require you to download an application.…