As and When

As the gentle breeze
Brushes by me
The aroma of you
Comes to mind,
When the birds sing
In all their glory
A poignant memory of you I find.

As the waves glisten 
With a mirrored stillness 
I picture 
Your warm embrace, 
When the suns glow 
Lights up the sea 
I recall your beautiful face.

As the night draws closer 
And dusk falls 
I see 
the colourOf your eyes, 
When the sunset beckons 
In luminous red 
I taste you as I visualise.

As I climb the stairs 
My shadow follows 
In solitudeAlone in my undress, 
When my dreams are calling 
I feel your touch 
And imagine your gentle caress.

As the choir sings 
A chilling symphony 
My screams echo 
As quiet tears as I cry, 
When the curtain closes 
And the silence falls 
This will be our last goodbye.