Aquatic Glassel–An Eco-Friendly Replacement for the Traditional Fireplace or Fire Pit

I recently saw an exciting new product that can be a replacement for the traditional fireplace. It is called Aquatic Glassel, and is a beautiful tumbled sparkling glass that will turn your existing fireplace or outdoor fire pit into a stunning show piece. It looks like fire on ice as the flame dances and flickers without soot, ash or smoke. The glass will not degrade, discolor or produce any by-products, and the company promises that it will last a lifetime. The glass itself radiates heat, providing a constant flow to warm your home. It is far more efficient than other methods because nothing blocks the radiant heat as a screen or glass doors found on more traditional fireplaces are not needed with this type of heat.


Aquatic Glassel was originally produced for the Decorative and Aquarium Industry, but just recently the company has been producing new products for the Fireplace and Hearth Industry as well. Aquatic Glassel is a specially processed tempered glass, not recycled glass. Recycled glass (trash glass) is dangerous as it can crack and pop, causing injury.

The sparkling glass produces exceptional beauty in an outdoor fire pit too. The brilliant reflection of the midday sun causes the glass to sparkle, and in the evening, the glass creates a shimmering reflection of magnificent flames. No screen or glass doors are needed inside or out as there are no popping cinders.

Aquatic Glassel comes in hundreds of elegant colors and allows you to create your own individual look to match the decor of any home whether rustic, eclectic, contemporary or classic or somewhere in between. The tempered, formulated glass pieces are not sharp and can be scooped up with the hand. The transparent colors can be interchanged as desired to accommodate changing furnishings or seasons.

Aquatic Glassel directly replaces gas logs or wood and burns cleaner and more efficiently than other conventional products. The possibilities for combinations are endless. The company claims it is simple to install yourself; is safe for the environment and the touch; and has no cinders or embers or odors. There is no mess and it is pollution free. There is neither chemical treatment nor surface coating on this product, or any chemical by-products generated from using Aquatic Glassel. When the glass bits get dirty or dusty, they can be scooped up and washed with dish detergent and thoroughly rinsed. You can add or mix colors at anytime to create special effects also.

The company that makes this product is called Moderustic, Inc. and is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. A few undesirable competitors have apparently spawned from this original company but Moderustic, Inc. holds the patent for the Aquatic Glassel products. This sounds like a truly eco-friendly product. This sounds like a truly eco-friendly new product.