Advertising Tips

1) Make your product look like it’s forbidden.


I saw a very interesting thing a few days ago while walking on the street. There was a new shop, that had a poster on a window. The poster said this: “No pictures!”. People were forbidden to take pictures of the place. In just 3 days, half of the town new about the new shop. Everyone took pictures, talked.

2) It’s an advantage if people talk about your product.

If people talk, it’s “people talking about the product” not “the product talking about the product”. It’s a lovely advantage. In no time, people will be talking about how great your product is. They will even exagerate it sometimes. It will really boost your sales and the costumers will be happy.

3) Make your advertisement simple and to the point.

If it’s a video ad, don’t put alot of text! Let’s say you need to do a 60 second ad. Just put a few pictures, a bit of text, and … talk! Sometimes talking about the product is better. 
If you have a text ad, then you need to make it in color. No black background and white text. Alot of colors and pictures. Less text.

4) Put the costumers needs before yours. 
Just say what advantage the costumer has if he buys your product. Show him how his life is without the product, and how it is with the product. Tell a story!