50 Marketing and Advertising Choices

Marketing is expensive, right? Frustrating? Confusing? It doesn’t have to be when you have 50 marketing and advertising choices to pick from. One of these will suit your needs.

1.)Blog tours

2.) Social blasts

3.) Blog posts

4.) Articles and excerpts

5.) Flyers.

6.) Postcards.

This option can be expensive unless you order your supplies in bulk and work from your local phone directory for the addresses.

7.) Special, deals, and freebies.

8.) Contests.

9.) Business cards.

10.) Newspaper ads.

Again, can be costly but think of how many people you are reaching at one time for that money.

11.) Widow writing

12.) Hats and T-shirts.

13.) Bumper stickers.

14.) Booths at the mall or flea market.

15.) Signs and product displays in stores and offices.

This option for advertising is often overlooked by a first time business owner. Public areas you control, like bulletin boards, can also be a great place to market your product.

16.) Email marketing.

17.) Youtube videos.

18.) Press releases.

19.) Radio and TV commercials.

20.) Phone campaigns to stores, libraries, etc…

21.) Postcard followups

22.) Reciprocal linking.

Be careful with this option. We all have heard links matter in search engine rankings but the wrong links can also hurt you in that area. Be sure you only get from and link to, sites with high page rank.


23.) Craig’s list and ebay

24.) Opening and release parties.

25.) Word of mouth-tell people

26.) Links only on your sites to your products.

27.) Internet blog radio.

28.)Adwords and other pay per click campaigns.

29.) An infomercial.

The average order from QVC,(Shopping network) is 1,000 units. Unless you have that many ready, don’t go this way or you’ll have more orders than you can possibly fill in time.

30.) Product dvds and videos.

31.) Buy a complete marketing package from the Cloud 9 Agency.

32.) Get local endorsements.

33.) Joins groups and forums.

34.) Premier listings with distributors. For example, for books, Baker and Taylor has an initial startup fee. For a higher cost, your title can be features in their catalogue’s premier spots(First 20 pages).

35.) Register your stats with agencies who keep track of product sales. It generates links and attention.

36.) Get reviews and use them to your advantage.

37.) Banners and logos.

38.) Email signature advertising.

39.) Email campaign.

40.) Register all art and don’t forget links and keywords, (Called alt tags in photos).

41.) Slideshow created for free on Flicker.

42.) Appearances, preferably with a famous person….

43.) Speaking engagements.

44.) Award ceremonies and dinners.

Even a small gathering of friends and family can be enough. Take photos and include them in your press kits and releases and post them on your sites and blogs. People love to see other ‘real’ folks celebrating.

45.) Local, state, regional, and international fairs, workshops, and festivals.

46.) Live chats.

47.) Public billboards and bus bench ads.
48.) Internet shows, like blog talk radio, which is free on many hosts.
49.) PLace your material samples on scribed and sell the full edition.
50.) Sign up for Yahoo Pulse and blast your information for free.

Marketing and advertising choices can be confusing. Hopefully, this list of 50 helped.