The Chaos Scenario
Garfield is the gadfly of our industry—and this book is a new milestone. It is chock full of stories, compelling data and irreverence (of course). But I feel the most provocative thought Bob develops is the Listenomics idea. He warns that leaders who ignore Listenomics as a basic business philosophy will damage their brands. Those that embrace it will win. I could not agree more.
- Jim Stengel, former Global Marketing Officer, Procter & Gamble Co.
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In October, a Free National Event Dedicated to Preparing for Media and Marketing’s Digital Future

In media and marketing, everything we have always taken for granted is in a state of flux. Or worse. Even those who long dismissed Bob Garfield as a hysterical Chicken Little now are seeing the sky falling, too. Or, if not yet the sky, certainly revenues. Chaos Deniers are ever fewer, and ever farther between. But acknowledging the tremors is not the same as having an escape route from the collapsing structure – much less a blueprint for a prosperous new model. But where and how to begin that process?

Well, how about with the very things at the heart of the New World Order? Connections and conversations. “30 Days of Chaos” will enable and empower you organization, business or meet-up group to confront the issues of revolutionary change. Beginning on October 1, 2009 this step-by-step discussion/continuing education program will, 1) guide tens of thousands of participants through the disintegration of the mass media/mass marketing symbiosis, 2) introduce them to new digital/social tools, and 3) encourage them to work together to assemble those tools not merely to survive the revolution but to exploit it.

Participants will receive a video presentation from Bob, a discussion guide, daily emails featuring an introduction from Bob, excerpts from the book, commentary from experts, and links to new-media resources and a PowerPoint presentation that will help them teach what they’ve learned to others. And, the social network and news hub for all things Chaos, will be there 24/7 every step of the way.

And, yes, it is free. Obviously, we want to sell a book to every man, woman and child on earth. And participating organizations will be given the opportunity to buy case-lots of the book at substantial discounts. But absolutely no purchase is required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does it cost?
A: Nothing. Didn’t we mention that? It’s free. No shipping and handling even. F-R-E-E.

Q: Who can participate?
A: Anyone, though the material will be most helpful for people working in advertising, marketing and media.

Q: Is this the program my local AAF, PRSA, DMA, or MCAN chapter told me about?
A: Yes. All of those organizations are encouraging their members to participate. Because, um, no brainer.

Q: When does it start?
A: The program begins on October 1 and concludes October 30th. You can join at any time, but you’ll get the most value by participating throughout. If the event is a smash, look for “30 More Days of Chaos” in Spring 2010.

Q: What do participants get?
A: Participants get a Chaos Scenario overview video (“No, Tuesday’s No Good. Let Me Get Back to You After the Apocalypse.”) featuring Bob Garfield; a discussion guide; daily emails featuring excerpts from the book; expert commentary; and links to new media/digital/social resources and access to The Chaos Scenario Social Network where you can connect with other smart marketers to share your ideas and learn even more. You’ll also get a “Chaos Scenario” PowerPoint presentation to help you teach others what you learned.

Q: Do I have to buy The Chaos Scenario book to participate?
A: Still no. But we’d love for you to because b) you’ll get more out of the program, and a) we will make more money.

Q: Can I tell my co-workers, clients, students, friends and old girlfriends?
A: What, are you kidding? Of course you can. Tweeting your participation, adding The Chaos Scenario widget to your website, blogging your participation, sending friends an email, linking them to this site, and friending the book’s Facebook page are great ways to let people know. Stop strangers on the street. Bother subway passengers. Skywriting? Excellent idea.

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Table of contents.
("The Art and Science of Listenomics"),
Chapter 1.
("The Death of Everything") &
Chapter 2.
("The Post-Advertising Age").
Read it, forward it, post it on Fark if you want. It's FREE! But be warned: it's scary, unflinching, occasionally impolite and dangerously addictive.
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